Philippines: PRWC – 8 soldiers killed in an encounter in Lasam, Cagayan

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published in the Philippine Revolution Web Central found here. This action can be added to other relevant actions that took place since the month of June in the framework of many tactical offensives launched by the New People’s Army (NPA). In these past actions, nearly 30 soldiers o the Armed Forces of Philippines (AFP)were killed by the NPA. These actions are made in the framework of the People’s War lead by the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP). We have reported on that question.

Fighters of the NPA – West Cagayan (Danilo Ben Command) defeated the operating troops of the 17th

Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army in Sicalao, town of Lasam, Cagayan on 27th of July of 2023. Based on residents who saw the casualties of the enemy, eight soldiers are confirmed dead and many others are estimated to be wounded. Because of the shame of the 17th IB, their damage was not announced and not acknowledged. Meanwhile, no one among the Red fighters was hurt.

Being in an active-defense posture, the comrades quickly seized the initiative and reversed the enemy’s offensive, something the army had not expected. A great advantage of the army is the deep understanding of the condition of the masses and familiarization with the terrain in order to be able to retreat and maneuver safely. On the other side, due to the extreme desperation and blow from the damage sustained, despite the declaration from the AFP that the NPA – West Cagayan was “completely weak and incapable of fighting”, the 5th Infantry Division used two battalions to cover the areas between Lasam, Sto. Nino and Rizal. The 5th Division alleged that their actions were in the framework of the supposed humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations for typhoon Egay, but the truth is that these troops are in combat operations.

For three years now, the 17th IB has been sowing terror and fear in West Cagayan and Apayao. They are also behind the massacre of Ka Peping (Saturnino Agonoy) and two other comrades in 2022 in Piat, Cagayan.

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