About us

We, the ones running this web-page, are journalists and activists from different corners of the world, who are united by the wish to provide information to readers from all walks of life about issues we think are very interesting and important, and which are hard to find on other platforms. We are not an organisation, but of course we hold strong views and even if we want to be as open as possible, we will only publish articles and other materials, which do not counter-pose our basic consensus.

Many times we may publish news, that might be controversial, but we strongly believe that in a world dominated by media giants belonging to a handful of people, it is more necessary than every to promote just that type of information, that might hopefully be disturbing to the masters of war and destruction.

All our efforts are totally non-profit, we have zero commercial interest, and all the work done is pro bono.

We use the self-hosted analytics tool Matomo Analytics instead of Google’s. Please feel free to not consent to the tracking. We use self-hosted push notifications, which do not interact with any external push notifications providers. For more information and for opting out of tracking go to our Privacy Policy.


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