Police brutality in Kenya against protesters

In Kenya, police used tear gas against protesters in the slums of the capital Nairobi, who are protesting against the high living costs and the Ruto government. There is also reports of the police shooting people. At least one person has been reported to have died from the bullets of the police and videos of police brutality are spreading online. Transportation has been disturbed and businesses have closed due to the protests. In Kenya, the living conditions of the poorest have become drastically worse with the deepening crisis. The so-called ”opposition” leader Raila Odinga, is using the worsening living conditions of the people and the justified anger to call for new elections, making a campaign for himself which the masses pay with their blood.

Fertile land in Kenya is owned by big landlords, who produce for export, and the country is very dependent on imported products like wheat and corn, produced for a large part in Ukraine, price of which has more than doubled since the start of the war of aggression of Russian imperialism. Additionally, last autumn it was reported that Kenya is suffering from a severe drought. The issue is not that it would not be possible to produce food for all the people in Kenya – the problem is imperialism, which forces the agriculture to serve foreign monopolies and prevents the people from developing their own agriculture, against droughts and other natural phenomena.

Also in South Africa, Tunisia and Nigeria the so-called ”opposition forces”, which represent rivaling factions to the ruling faction, have called for protests on Monday. The people demand solutions to continuous power outages, hunger, corruption and misery, which imperialism inflicts on them, and those “opposition forces” hijack their justified struggle.

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