AND Weekly Editorial – A crime of national high treason

We publish an unofficial translation of the latest editorial of A Nova Democracia

At the beginning of the month, a new military training in the Amazon with troops of American (Yankee) imperialism was announced. The exercise, called “CORE 23” (Combined Operation and Rotation Exercise), will take place in October and November, in the states of Pará and Amapá. Its supposed objective is to “develop leadership and improve the technical skills” of the troops involved. One could ask why these exercises, for “mutual development of technical skills” with Yankee troops, take place only in national territory, more precisely in strategic territory such as the Amazon?

Even among Brazilian military, there are diverging opinions. Robinson Farinazzo, officer of the Navy reserves, has the opinion that it is obvious and known to all: such exercises do do not favor the country. “The bilateral military relations need to have a minimum of mutuality. The Brazilian authorities should explain why the country allows the United States to conduct exercises in our territory without asking for anything in return. We recently had spy flights conducted by the United States flying over our coast twice. What kind of military ally is this that spies on us?”, he states.

Why the hell does the Armed Forces High Command, which boasts of patriotism on all sides, behave like an obedient dog of the Yankee Armed Forces? Why does the present government allow Brazil to be placed in this outrageous role?

All the talking shit about the defense of the Amazon or of its territorial integrity by the reactionary Brazilian Armed Forces reveals itself, once again, to be a theater. The permission and collaboration with Yankee troops in the country is a crime of national high treason! Nothing strange, after all, the design of these Armed Forces is to be a counter-revolutionary bolt to maintain the old internal order of exploitation and oppression; a flattering High Command of domesticated troops specialized in genocide against the popular struggle, very especially against the Revolutionary-Democratic struggle of the people that for centuries has been crushed with iron, fire and blood. They are auxiliary forces of the Yankee troops, in practice, troops of their occupation. This is why they allow the Yankee presence here: to face the attempt of uprising of the masses, especially in the struggle for land, the Agrarian Revolution, and in this they count on the approval of the governments in power, among them those of electoral opportunism, for the fourth time.

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