Armed Actions in Panay, Philippines

NPA Panay. Source: Ang Bayan

Units of the New People’s Army (NPA), the Napoleon Tumagtang Command, launched a series of armed actions in the southern part of the island of Panay from May 2 to May 8, Ang Bayan reported.

First they attacked soldiers stationed at the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) Detachment in Barangay Luyang, Sibalom, Antique at 10 pm on May 2.

On May 5 they carried out an attack against the „Atrila Builders Inc“ in Barangay Cabungaan, Leon, Iloilo. Construction equipment was set ablaze, the total cost of the equipment reached more than 15,000 US-Dollar. The company was selected for punished due to many complaints of its workers such as not paying the wages (to some workers the company owes up to 2,000 US$, more than two monthly salaries) and poor working conditions.

On May 6, the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines; Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas) launched an retaliation operation but the combatants of the NPA blew them up by a command-detonated explosive. The soldiers retreated then and did not rejoin the fray.

On the morning of May 8, a NPA unit opened fire again on the CAA Detachment in Barangay Igcococ, Sibalom, Antique.

The NPA-Southern Panay stated the actions “also reflects the people’s continuous and unceasing support for their army and the revolutionary struggle.”

These armed actions carried out show once again the strength and vitality of the People’s War in the Philippines, and they prove reports wrong that claim the near end of the CPP and NPA, a fairy tale reaction repeats every several years.

Likewise are the reports on the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. For example in Sorsogon various units of the New People’s Army launched rallies. They were also able to launch discussions and simple celebrations. All together with the masses and not recognized by the enemy. In a statement it was said that “The situation is very favorable for revolution. The people are determined for revolutionary change. So it is expected that the level of the revolutionary struggle will expand, develop and increase in the coming years.”

Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the NDFP lasted through the night. Source: Ang Bayan

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