The 17th of May is the anniversary of the Initiation of the People’s War in Peru, which began the 17th of May of 1980. In Germany an action have been carried out in Bremen. A big banner was put on the Bremen University. In this banner it can be read the following: “VIVA PCP” [LONG LIVE PCP].

The generated organism for the PCP works abroad, the People’s Movement Peru, today has published long statement in which they describes their views on a series of a very important topics, below we publish a translated excerpt, and hope to be able to publish whole statement tomorrow in English.

Currently, this regime, inaugurated in April 1992 with its fascist constitution of 1993, is going through a permanent political crisis (5 Presidents in the last 5 years) fueled by the international economic and financial crisis (2018 and 2019) and by the deep crisis of bureaucratic capitalism which cannot continue as it is, facts that they have tried to cover up and postpone through their so called “state of emergency and health militarization” alledgely to combat the pandemic (Covid – 19) and in the midst of an insulting shameless corruption of large businesses at the expense of the death and life of the people.

It is in this context of crisis and decadence of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling regime (within the third moment of general crisis and destruction of contemporary Peruvian society) that the 2021 general elections were called. The opportunist rondero Pedro Castillo, a faithful representative and defender of the interests of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, was elected. He was a candidate of Perú Libre (a family reign of its leader, Cerron), with the support of a whole bunch of revisionists and opportunists. The shamest dreams of amnesty, capitulation and enlistment of these revisionists, MOVADEF and those of VRAEM, become accomplices to those who mandate of Yankee imperialism became the executing henchmen (Castillo Terrones – Anibal Torres, Marabí and others lackeys of the CIA) in the horrendous and vile assassination of Chairman Gonzalo.

Since the beginning of the Castillo government, the struggle between the two reactionary factions over the control of the Executive Branch has intensified. The bureaucratic faction headed by Castillo as the head of the old landowner bureaucratic State, at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, proposes a new restructuring of the old State, by calling a Constituent Assembly for a new constitution. The other faction argues for maintaining Fujimori’s 1993 constitution, with some patches. There is an intense struggle of these pro-imperialist reactionaries that is part of a growing wave of protest, mainly from the poor peasantry. In this situation, since imperialism and reaction needed to give a reactionary solution to the crisis of the regime, the coup d’état of December 7, 2022 took place with the intervention of Yankee imperialism, which declared through senior officials that it was monitoring the situation in Peru. The Coup was carried out by the genocidal Armed Forces and the lackeys of Yankee imperialism: Dina Boluarte, Otarola, Williams Zapata, Gómez de la Torre, in collusion with the opportunist and revisionist parties represented in Parliament. These, along with others, are the responsible ones who apply the fascist and genocidal Yankee plan against Peru and the Peruvian people. The dream of dividing Peru and contain and divert the revolutionary rise of the peasantry (mainly the poor), the proletariat and the masses. They dream of crushing the proletariat and its vanguard, the PCP, and they dream that the complicity of revisionism of all kinds and the usual opportunists will save their lives and their rotten system of hunger and misery. We say: keep dreaming.

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