The cross death and the inter-bourgeois contradictions

We publish this unofficial translation of the article found in in Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del EcuadorFront for the Defense of Struggles of the People of Ecuador.

It must be said one and the times that is necessary; the old bureaucratic-big landlord State lives in a deep crisis: the government system, democracy of big bourgeoisie and big landowners is anemic, ill; its rotten institutionalization crumbles.

The permanent struggles that our people has developed has contributed to emerging of this crisis. The last indigenous-peasant-popular uprising, unmasked and spurred the weakness of the comprador bourgeois government; but behind this scenario, also the inter-imperialist contradictions that are in the national plan are alert.

The fact that Lasso has decreed the “cross death” expresses the climax of the contradictions between bourgeois factions. Revisionism and opportunism rearranged themselves, betraying their principles and their political tendencies; on one hand, they made possible to save the banker [Translator’s note: popular name for Lasso] from the political impeachment, on the other, from his prosecution, but the banker’s resignation was stronger and he sent all the assembly members who are now pulling their hair out, since, for now, they will not be able to continue parasitizing the bureaucratic apparatus.

For the political pretensions of the electoralist ones, the cross death came as a bucket of cold water, because it hinders their purposes, pushes them into compromises and alliances to precipitate the clownish elections. For imperialism it is also a bad thing, because in some measure, no matter how small, it disrupts its plans for the country and the subregion; they find themselves in the need to re- engineer their procedures.

With the cross death, the inter-bourgeois contradictions are sharpening, they become more virulent, and we, the communists, cannot, in the name of institutionality, democracy and the Constitution in the abstract, throw the masses into the streets to defend something that does not belong to them, on the contrary, that has plunged them into misery and violence.

It must be understood, democracy, the State, they are not universal institutions, they have a class character, therefore, they are designed to serve the interests of the only certain dictatorship, whose State system is expressed in the power of the big bourgeoisie and big landlords; which also counts in its favor with all the scaffolding of the superstructure: repressive apparatus, culture, education, State, ideology, etc.

If they kill each other, let them kill each other!, it is not for us to take a position in this inter-bourgeois dispute; we have nothing to defend; what concerns the proletariat and its organizations, the poor peasants and other exploited and oppressed masses is to continue fighting this regime (as long as it lasts) and any other government that comes, regardless of the political tendency to which it belongs, because our demands, our aspirations, our dreams, do not fit in their minds, much less in the presidency or any other institutional scenario that sustains the old State.

Let’s take to the streets, but to protest the lack of jobs, the violence, hospitals without medicines and doctors; let’s go out to the streets to conquer rights and freedoms. The “cross death” empowers the banker to make unilateral decisions via decrees; he will take advantage of this to apply some labor reforms that will make work more precarious, and we cannot and must not allow it. Nothing justifies at this juncture to spill a single drop of blood, or to contribute to the perfection of the old democracy, or to the perfection of the old State, the old State to be refurbished; even less so when the only possible, coherent and objective possible is the construction of a new Power, a task that will only be possible on the ruins of the old State, its old democracy and all the institutionality on which it is based.

Opportunists of all stripes are already speaking out and opposing the “cross death”, they say, that it is not constitutional, it does not comply with the law in relation to the internal commotion. Now they are obliged to take the political initiative: Yaku Pérez, Torres, Villavicencio, Arauz, Nebot and others are preparing their electoral arsenal, they continue with the circus, meanwhile, the massacres do not stop, emigration grows, corruption is rampant, and we should not underestimate the possibility that the Armed Forces are also making their calculations of governing.

People of Ecuador; once again, and as always, electioneering leads us to this crisis and contradictions. We cannot forget that indigenous people, peasants, assembly members of leftist parties have aligned themselves with the banker sold their consciences prostituting their political behavior, what do we say with this? That we should not believe them, that the electoral process is coming, and with it one more scam, we should not believe them, it does not matter if the preachers of the lie are the leftovers of this miserable government, the correísmo [Translator’s note: the political line of Correa’s government], Pachakutik, Izquierda Democrática [Translator’s note: Democratic Left], or any other opportunist party that basically any opportunist party that basically seek the political rearrangement and its reproduction in a reproduction in a scenario such as that of the bureaucratic institutionality already rotten, useless, except for those who want to deal with the hunger, the pain of the masses and take the budget for themselves.

People of Ecuador, do not take place in any of bourgeois factions in conflict, the comprador bourgeois today politically represented by Lasso, as the bureaucratic bourgeois represented by Correa, are your class enemies, it only corresponds to us to organize ourself, combat and resist while we win space of ideological and political reproductions that allows us to unleash the worker-peasant storm.



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