The eviction companies are the shock troops of the financial capital inside the plan of militarization of the State

We publish an unofficial translation of an article published in the newspaper from the Spanish State, Servir al Pueblo.

We must talk about the focus of mass media in the “okupa matter” [Translator’s note: an “okupa” is a person who enters a house to live there, and this house it is not his property. The literal translation for “okupa”, is squatter]. The State is immersed an ideological offensive against mass movements, and its battle horse is the matter of “okupations”. It doesn’t care about the type of movement: neighborhood unions and organizations for the right of housing, self-managed social centers, athenaeums or community spaces, anarchists centers, etc. All of them are the enemy of the State, and this offensive is against all of them. According to the specific moment of the class struggle, the specific focus of the State is a movement or a specific occupied center, but in perspective, all are enemies of the State.

The existence of companies as “Desokupa” are part of the counter-revolutionary plan of this ideological offensive of the Spanish State. They are the shock troops of the financial oligarchy. They recruit fascists and the most reactionary people of the old society, arm them, bring them judicial and media support, and send them as rabid dogs to combat against the mass movements. Now, they are in a an early situation and are focusing more against the individual “okupa”, but in perspective, they want to combat and eliminate the organized force of the masses, specially the leading forces. The recent case of Barcelona is a clear example of this [Translator’s note: this company called for a demonstration against the “okupas” this Thursday 25th May in Barcelona].

They are shock troops of the financial oligarchy and they use illegal violence. The State needs this kind of troops which operate on the margin of the State laws. We also saw this with the GAL [Translator’s note: Antiterrorist Groups of Liberation – Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación, paramilitary group organized by the President of the Spanish State between 1982 and 1996, Felipe González, used by the Spanish State to murder militants of the Basque group ETA and other people linked to the struggle of the Basque national movement], taking in account the differences. The continuous support of the media to these mercenaries of financial capital in the form of doing interviews and reportages on them, with the objective of normalizing the violence against the masses, even the illegal violence used by the State, ignoring its own rules.

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