Demonstration in Paris and important meeting in Mexico

We publish a call for two activities for which we have been asked to published.

The united campaign for the liberation of Georges Abdallah calls for a massive demonstration on June 18 in Paris. In the appeal they also stress the need for national and international solidarity campaigns to free the Palestinian revolutionary, imprisoned for 39 years.

Join the national demonstration for the release of Georges Abdallah! Métro Ménilmontat, Paris, Sunday June 18, 14h

On June 18, the eve of International Day of Revolutionary Prisoners, we are calling for another major national demonstration for the release of one of our prisoners: Georges Abdallah, a lifelong fighter for a Palestine free of Zionist occupation, and a revolutionary whose support for the struggles of peoples against imperialism, capitalism, fascism and all forms of reaction is unwavering.

Georges Abdallah is part of our struggle, and we are part of his struggle: today, not a single demonstration goes by without the effigy of our comrade, and through him his struggle, being present in the banners and placards unfurled, the slogans chanted, the leaflets distributed and the statements made. The movement of solidarity in his favor, of respect for his commitment and his resistance, of support for his vision of the world, and of anger at the life sentence he has been serving for 39 years, continues to grow day by day.

Georges Abdallah is part of our struggle, our fight, and his release is our determination. This determination of all those who support our comrade and his liberation cannot remain diffuse here and there. We must also show it and being seen and heard at the major demonstrations focused exclusively on the demand for our comrade’s release, and to unite all the forces present to support him, because as Georges Abdallah says in every one of his statements: “Knowing that you are united gives me great strength and warms my heart. Whatever those watching and spying on this meeting may think does not matter, the warmth of your mobilization and the enthusiasm of your commitment cross these abominable walls, these barbed wires and watchtowers, they pierce the daily death of the cells and and it give us a glimpse of victory on the horizon”.

To say loud and clear, in front of the French State and the world, our firm determination to rescue our comrade from the clutches of the enemy, to show our active solidarity with those who have been imprisoned for so many years, to show the “scathing reply to those who were betting on the exhaustion of your mobilization”, is certainly taking place in Lannemezan – and October 22 demonstrated this amplification of support when everyone is present – but other key events must also make this determination part of the agenda of our struggles.

The national demonstration in Paris, organized since 2016, is one of the many flashpoints that must be created nationally and international level, and it is in this perspective that we call on all those involved in supporting Georges Abdallah to multiply their initiatives during the week of action from 12 to 19 June and to be present in Paris on June 18, 2023, to the cry of “Georges Abdallah, your comrades are here!

Certainly, today as yesterday, the liberation of the revolutionary prisoners is a priority duty (…) Let us be, Comrades, let us live up to this duty” (Georges Abdallah).

Paris, May 21, 2023

United Campaign for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah


Facebook: pour la libération de Georges Abdallah- Instagram: cuplgia – Tweeter: CUpLGIAPrst


United Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah.

Collective for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

CRI Red for the defense of revolutionary prisoners

Committee of action and support for the struggles of the Moroccan people

Arab Red Aid

We also publish the call made in the Mural Periódico for the National Meeting of Collectivities for the New Democracy in Oaxaca on June 9, 10 and 11. The Encounter seeks to put the spotlight on the problems suffered at the local level, to strengthen and rectify positions in order to win. Attached is their communique:

National Meeting of Collectives for New Democracy

On June 9, 10 and 11, different democratic and revolutionary organizations will celebrate the National Meeting of Collectives for New Democracy (ENC-ND), a political-cultural effort that seeks to unite the struggles of the workers and peoples towards a higher step in the class struggle.

The Meeting intends to give place to speech, song, poetry, dance, tequio and celebration about the struggle of the workers and the people, the tequio and the celebration on the basis of the program of the Revolution of New Democracy, agrarian and anti-imperialist, that Mexico demands in the perspective of Socialism and the World Proletarian Revolution. It appears as initiative for democrats and revolutionaries to look at what is happening on our own home, to rectify and strengthen our positions to continue confronting the enemy until we defeat it. Winning is possible!

We, the convening organizations, start from our concrete experiences through decades of struggle of the workers and peoples in different parts of the national territory, and we orient ourselves in the analysis with the revolutionary theory that gives light to our steps.

In this way we will travel kilometers, valleys, mountains, rivers and seas to meet in a little piece of the new homeland that will be born with the struggle of the people. Women and men, new and veteran generations of people’s fighters will gather in this first National Meeting of Collectivities for the New Democracy which will take place in the rebellious Oaxaca.

If you wish to participate please contact us at

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