Philippines: new guerrilla actions cause 11 casualties to the Philippine State

The New People’s Army of Philippines [NPA] carried out multiple successful actions against soldiers of the Armed Forces of Philippines [AFP] and other agents of the Philippine State between the 9th and 11th of June, in Negros Occidental, Aurora, Bikol and West Camarines South. In total, the Philippine State had 11 casualties, ten soldiers and one spy.

The first action was an ambush of an agent and spy of the Philippine State, Joemarie Nabises. The ambush happened the morning of the 9th of June in Sityo Mahusay, Barangay Cambayobo, Calatrava, Negros Occidental, Negros island. His multiple crimes are described as follows: “He was responsible for the raid on an NPA unit in Sitio Makatagak, Barangay Cambayobo in 2010 where Ka Jessie/Edong/Burgos was martyred. He is also the one who pointed out the location of Felix Susas and his companions as the reason for their illegal arrest. He is also an active intelligence asset.” In the ambush weapons like a shotgun and several types of ammunition were recovered.

There have been six armed actions in the Bicol province. First, the NPA-Albay did three harassment actions against military and paramilitary detachments in Barangay Pantao, Libon, and Barangay Cuyaoyao, Pio Duran. Finally, another three armed actions happened in Camarines North. In total, all of these actions caused three casualties to the AFP. In the same island, In West Camarines South, three other military actions were carried out against the 81IB [Infantry Battalion]. The main action was carried out by the NPA-Aurora, in Barangay Diteki, San Luis, Aurora. In this action, seven soldiers of the 91 IB were eliminated. In the same area and against the same city, another attack was carried out on the 3rd of June, eliminating two more soldiers. The Philippine State denies this defeat and claims that has just one casualty.

The NPA denounces the terror actions from the Philippine State, specially from the AFP units. These terror actions have been carried out against the people in all the areas where also guerrilla actions were carried out. For example, in Aurora the soldiers of AFP were harassing the peasantry, and even stealing their products and selling by themselves to get profit. The NPA-Masbate denounces the constant harassment and mistreatment against the people by the AFP and traitors to the revolutionary movement. The soldiers and traitors have been slapped, beaten and illegally arrested inhabitants to obligate them to confess their alleged militancy in the NPA. The 24th of May, a farmer, Zaldy Cañaveral, was killed, and recently his family has demanded justice for this crime. Finally, in the Negros island, the AFP soldiers are carrying out military operations since the 23rd of May. Since then, the 79 IB has done multiple military operations in which numerous punishments against the people are reported. The Negros Island Regional Operational Command of the NPA [link] concludes the following about this operation: “It is in this context that Red commanders and fighters should also strive to master intensive and extensive guerrilla warfare based on an ever-widening and ever-deepening mass base, to advance the people’s war to greater heights, to withstand and overwhelm difficulties, and to achieve victory.”

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