Mexico: National Meeting of Collectives for New Democracy

On June 9th, 10th and 11th, a National Meeting of Collectives for New Democracy in which Red Sun (Sol Rojo) was the host was celebrated in Oaxaca. The Meeting has served to share experiences, rectify and strengthen positions to move towards the New Democracy Revolution. In this Meeting, not only activities such as talks or exhibitions have been done, there have also been cultural activities, workshops or sport. The Meeting was attended by more than 100 delegates from different organizations. You can find the complete article in Periódico Mural.

As for the talks and activities dedicated to panel discussion, the first one was about What is proletarian feminism?, given by the people’s women’s movement. Periódico Mural explains: “The comrades pointed out that it is not a fight between sexes, that separatism and postmodern feminism put people against the people and that we must seek otherwise, that we must unite men and women of the working people to develop the struggle of classes against exploiting classes. ” Experiences of the struggle in the streets and the persecution of the old State were also commented. He ended with a reading of the works of José Carlos Mariátegui.

Image of the panel discussion What is proletarian feminism?. Source: Periódico Mural

There was also talk of the main theme of the Meeting, The Program of the New Democracy. On this activity they add: “In this the speakers addressed the characterization of the country and its semi-colonial condition (national subordination to imperialism, mainly Yankee) and semi -feudal (existence of a regime of servitude embodied in landscape, caciquismo, slave work, etc.) that determine the existence of bureaucratic capitalism. It was explained how these three things are intertwined by oppressing the people and the need for these buildings, New Democracy and New Culture, all from the new power. ” There was also talk of the need for the two stages to make the revolution in Mexico, a first democratic and the second of a socialist nature. “All this as part and at the service of the world proletarian revolution.” They add.

Image of the panel discussion The Program of the New Democracy. Source: Periódico Mural

Finally, the panel discussion of Workers of Mexico, the International Communist League was born: “[In this] the attendees were announced the political declaration and principles of the new international organization of the proletariat, as well as some of its most relevant actions in recent dates in this conversation the history of the proletariat and its international organization and its international organization was reviewed, the historical experiences of the International Association of Workers or First International, the International Socialist or Second International, and the International Communist or Third International, in addition to the experience of the COMINFORM or Office for the Information of Communist and Workers Parties.”

Image of the panel discussion Workers of Mexico, the International Communist League was born. Source: Periódico Mural

During the three days of the Meeting, many cultural activities were carried out, such as musical performances and cultural contributions with the music and poems of the people and the revolution, traditional dances, projection of films on Mexican guerrillas or presentation on the organization, discipline and combativeness of the seed of the New Power.

Presentation on the organization, discipline and combativeness of the seed of the New Power. Source: Periódico Mural

Artistic workshops such as woodcut printing or Dazibaos were held, popular in feudal China and used during the Cultural Revolution, to learn how to use this type of tools to distribute ideology or to struggle for a revolutionary people’s culture.

Image of the dazibao workshop. Source: Periódico Mural

Image of the woodcut printing workshop. Source: Periódico Mural

Other activities were also carried out to show the importance of the land and learn how to work it correctly. It is intended that with the participation of the attendees, the three rules of “the three with” will continue to feed the people: to live with the people, work with the people and struggle with the people.

As the last activity, an obituary of the Fallen People’s Heroes was carried out. “We point out that our struggle is justified and that we do not want the blood of our comrades, or political prisoners, nor the missing continue to be spilled. We called out their names in honor of them and slogans followed immediately.” The name of each of them and their work was read, while shouting Present!

At the end of the Meeting, the conclusion was reached that the unity must continue to deepen not only in in the streets, but in politics. The Meeting remains a space of criticism and self -criticism, and will be repeated next year and the Meeting and its organizations actively disseminate the program of the New Democratic Revolution to “achieve national liberation, take the power, build a new homeland, and to build socialism.”

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