The bad-called “Maya Train” only serves imperialism

Recently the end of the first of the bad-called “Maya Train” was announced. Those trains belong to the French monopoly capital Alstom, which has a big interest in the exportation of capital in Latin America and particularly in Mexico. Alstom has already done several train projects in Mexico. The project has been fully financed by the Mexican State, while the monopoly is the one which will receive the vast majority of the profits. Hence, who in reality is taking advance of the train nets in Mexico is not the people, but this monopoly. Another similar mega-project is the CIIT, the Interoceanic Corridor of Tehuatepec, which several popular struggles rose against it in Mexico and internationally because of the plunder of land done for its construction and the repression against the poor peasants.

Periódico Mural analyses the relationship between countries like Mexico, subordinated by imperialism, and such monopolistic companies. We share some excerpts of their article published:

“This example helps to understand the phenomenon of bureaucratic capitalism in the oppressed countries, because, subjected to the dominance of imperialism, the line of development that follows the industrial production is focused on directing their efforts in favor of the imperialist capital while reducing the participation of the oppress countries to the commercial aspects. In other form: science, technology, the means of production, the production itself, imports and capital are property of imperialism and for its private profit, while the exports and the commercialization will be the task of Mexico in a mega-project that ties the “Maya Train” and the Interoceanic Corridor with a railway system to be extended to everywhere.”

“But be calm, we are not saying that all of this is AMLO’s fault, he is only one more lackey of imperialism (as well as the previous ones) and does not have the capacity to decide, even less to defend the national sovereignty.”

“Since the beginning of the republic, the semi-colonial subordination of Mexico has determined that the industrial sectors will born tied to imperialist domination. For example, when Porfirio Díaz executed the power, North American imperialism had already established their Reals [translator’s note: the currency] over industries as railways and oil, and even after the nonconcluded bourgeois revolution the Yankees continued their dominance over this even with the cardenista expropriation [translator’s note: the expropriation done by Lázaro Cárdenas in 1937]. Later, and even when bureaucratic capitalism developed its State monopolistic aspect, this could not abandon the imperialist subjugation, and its bureaucratic line was characterized by the presence of international capital (as Alstom) from the origin of the public transport system of the metro in Mexico City in 1968.”

Periódico Mural states that the only solution to end the imperialist dominance, is that the people organize themselves against the oppressors. “This is: to elevate the forms of organization and the forms of struggle”, and they raise the slogan “Against the imperialist mega-projects of plunder and death, Combat and Resist!”

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