Colombia: After leaving two more military men dead, guerrilla operations continue to frustrate Petro’s plans

We publish this unofficial translation of an article of the Brazilian newspaper AND.

On 16th July, two military men of the reactionary Army of Colombia were killed in a confrontation with the combatants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Central Major Estate [Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – Estado Mayor Central (FARC-EMC)], in the district of Caquetá, in the south of the country. The military men were doing a military incursion in the moment they where shot. This chapter is one more inconvenience in the plans of the opportunist government of Petro, because since the beginning of the government he fails applying his pro-large landowner projects of disarming of the guerrilla groups.

The confrontation was initiated after the warrant officer Andres Ochoa Moreno and the soldier Herny Muñoz Daza were seen by the combatants of FARC-EMC during the military incursion in the county of Doncello, and a cross-fire followed. Military operations and incursions of the Colombian reactionary Army in the rural districts of Colombia are usual and have the main objective of repressing the peasant masses and to identify and assassinate the guerrilla groups and combatants. Soldier Muñoz Daza died during the conflict, but the warrant officer died in the air transport to hospital.

The killings occurred one week after the capitulator leaders of FARC-EMC started negotiations with the Colombian government. The continuation of two confrontations and operations even with the decision and and rejection of the guerrilla combatants of disarming because of the constant massacres promoted by the old Colombian State against peasants, activists and guerrilla men in the country. Nowadays, FARC-EMC has around 3 thousand combatants and their activity is mainly in the east and south area of the country, in the departments of Amazonas, Caquetá, Guaviare, Meta, Putumayo, Vaupés and the northern area of Santander.

Collecting failures

This year is the first chapter of the frustration suffered by Petro in his plan of disarming the armed peasants that form the Colombian guerrillas. Acting as a loyal servant of the large landowners and imperialism, fundamental causes of the armed conflict in Colombia, Petro cannot contain the armed struggle in the country, sharpened expression of the development of the struggle for the land of the Colombian peasantry. Since the end of 2022, when Petro applied his false plan of “Total Peace” with more energy, the opportunist president has been collecting failures.

In march, nine reactionary military men where found dead and other nine were injured in a operation of the National Liberation Army [Ejército de Liberación Nacional -ELN] made during the “peace conversations” between the capitulator leadership of the organization and the old Colombian State. Two months after, a “cease fire” with the FARC-EMC was canceled after the old State accused the organization of killing four indigenous people in the province of Putumayo. In the moment, also massive spontaneous rebellions of the Colombian peasantry, like the Caquetá revolt, were responsible of taking hostage 79 police officers and burning installations of a Chinese mining company.

In this situation, there is no indications that the armed struggle for the land in Colombia still suffers a recession.

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