URUGUAY: Against the so-called pension “reform” for service time! For higher wages and pensions!

Featured image: The President of Uruguay signed a pension “reform” attacking the workers. Source: La Neta Neta

We publish an unofficial translation of an article of VND Peru found here.

The reactionary Uruguayan government launched a questionable pension “Reform”

The initiative was rejected by the unions and even by the officers of the genocidal army (that’s not a cruel joke!), according to Uruguay’s own reactionary newspapers, for nor recognizing rights and benefits recognized by previous laws on the matter. The law gradually increases the retirement age to 65 years.

The reactionary president of the old Uruguayan State, Lacalle Puo, in signing the enactment of the new pension “reform” law, that is the arbitrary cutting acquired rights of the proletariat and other workers, last 2nd of May, said that “… especially the workers can continue working after retiring because ‘this generates a better economic income’ for the most vulnerable and allows the continued existence of the processes of socialization, which sometimes the retired, when they stop working, unfortunately loose”

Thereby this miserable person justified that retirees, after exhausting themselves they whole working lives, over the age of retirement, have to continue working. For what reason? Because as the same cynical reactionary starver Lacalle himself recognize, the majority of the retirees receives miserable pensions with which they live below the physical level, with the new law they can continue working until they die without the right to a dignified rest in their old age. What corresponds to the class-conscious workers is to raise that retirement should not be by age limit but by time of service and; together with the struggle for higher salaries in the face of the crisis that is hitting the workers; to raise the increase of pensions for retirees.

The struggle of the proletariat and the workers of Uruguay against the so-called social welfare “reform”, is against this attack of the reaction and imperialism for the defense of the acquired rights and serves to unmask how the laws are more and more reactionary and use them to combat the old State to undermine it.

This struggle in Uruguay is part of the class struggle in the world. It is the problem of the economic struggle of the class, of the proletariat and of the workers in general, the problem of salary, working hours, working conditions and rights such as the right to unionize, strike, insurance, retirement, etc., are problems of vital importance that we can not avoid, the Maoists have to raise our position on the matter, since if we avoid them we can not develop the work in the proletariat, especially how things are unfolding, the masses are in movement and deploy greater activity in the whole world, even more so in Latin America. There are magnificent conditions to advance in this field, these are problems that we must raise again, there are many things that are accepted as normal.

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