Michoacán: indigenous peoples reject Sheinbaum and the electoral farce.

Featured image: meeting of the Indigenous Supreme Council of Michoacán

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement from Mexican Periódico Mural:

A few days ago, the comrades of the Indigenous Supreme Council of Michoacán (CSIM), which brings together various communities and indigenous peoples in the state, publicly distanced themselves from Claudia Sheinbaum, one of AMLO’s “corcholatas” [Translator’s note: literally bottle cap; term used for candidates of the Morena party for the presidential elections in 2024] who runs for the presidency of the republic. The technocrat and Zionism’s advocate in Mexico had paid notes in the press monopolies to make public opinion believe that she had the support of the indigenous peoples of Michoacán, what has been completely denied by CSIM.

Through a brief but forceful statement, the indigenous organization has made clear its political independence from the governments and parties of the old State, once again claiming the right of self-determination, autonomy and self-government of the indigenous communities it unites.

This is not only a hard blow for Sheinbaum, the Morena party and Zionism, but for all the aspirants, candidates and parties of the bourgeoisie that in general find in the electoral farce the means to continue corporatizing and subjecting the workers and the peoples of Mexico. The old State of big landlords and the big bourgeoisie fails to see that the popular masses do not believe in their false democracy. In the elections to the governors of the last two years, the turnout in each entity has been less than 50%; the abstention has been the majority and the annulment of the vote has been significant.

This is not something new, of course, but the decision of the CSIM comrades is a trend similar to the decisions made by other communities and indigenous peoples in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas, where the peoples are not only not going to vote, neither will they allow polling stations to be installed in their territory during the next federal elections in 2024.

The peoples’ right to self-determination is being defended against the current, because while the federal government and imperialism impose mega-projects of dispossession and death, the masses defy the tyrants, defending their forms of organization and community life. Just at the beginning of July in Oaxaca, the peoples once again rejected the official Guelaguetza [Translator’s note: annual indigenous cultural event in Mexico that takes place in the city of Oaxaca] organized by the state government, considering it an act that commercialize the culture of the native peoples, a spectacle that racializes and folklorizes their way of life and where, in addition, the Salomón Jara’s government tried to distort the role of the Topiles [Translator’s note: a traditional public servant, usually a young volunteer for a priest or leader] as a figure that symbolizes the order, discipline and self-defense of the communities. Given this, an intense campaign was done, which claimed the right of self-determination, self-government and self-defense of the peoples.

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