Detentions in Turkey

A series of arrests was conducted by the repressive forces of the old Turkish State in the last days, the democratic newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reported:

14th of August – Adana: Many people were detained

Simultaneous raids were carried out on many addresses in Adana’s central and Ceyhan districts. The items in the houses searched during the raids were distributed by the police. Many people, including Mehmet Öztemel, Caner Abo, Fırat Bahadır, Ozan Mamuk, Ladin Mamuk and Dilan Erbek, were detained in the raids. While no information was received on the reason for their detention, those who were detained were taken to the Adana Security Directorate.

14th of August – Diyarbakır: 10 detentions

In Diyarbakır, many houses were raided by the police in the morning hours. While it was learned that at least ten people, including Veysel B., Zilan D., Arzel K., and Berdan Ç., were detained in the ongoing raids, it was stated that this number may increase even more. It was learned that a “confidentiality” decision was brought to the investigation carried out by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

15th of August – Hakkari: nearly 30 detentions

Many houses were raided simultaneously in Hakkari center and in Yüksekova and Çukurca districts. It was stated that after the searches, nearly 30 people, including Peace Mothers, were detained. Informations on the reason for the detentions could not be obtained. Those detained were taken to Hakkari Provincial Security Directorate. The known names of those detained in Hakkari are as follows: Seher Karagöz, Hemail Vural, Mahsuma Akın, Feride Ağralı, Emine Özdel, Süheyla Saygı, Fatma Bulut.

15th of August – House raids in Adana and Izmir

While many people were detained in house raids in Adana and Izmir, four children, who were among the 10 people detained in Ceyhan yesterday, were released. Simultaneous raids were carried out on many addresses in Adana in the morning by the police. It was stated that many people were detained during the raids in which house searches were carried out. While no information could be obtained about the reason for their detention, the detainees were taken to Adana Provincial Security Directorate.

On the other hand, four children, who were among the ten people detained within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Ceyhan Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office with the allegation of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”, were transferred to the prosecutor’s office and released after their statements were taken. The proceedings of the six detained persons are continuing at the police station.

Houses were also raided in Izmir in the morning hours. It was learned that Gökhan Kızıl, Reyhan Çomak, Mikail Kalın, Hamdullah Seyhan, Ayşe Öztürk, Savaş Özer, Berfin Özer, Felemez Yıldırım, Aziz Yıldırım, İhsan Bakır, Sibel Aydemir and Cahit Doğan were detained during the raids. While the reasons for the detention were not known, the lawyers were not informed due to the confidentiality decision in the file. The detainees were taken to the İzmir Provincial Security Directorate.

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