Development of the People’s Wars in India and on the Philippines continues

During this week new actions have been reported in the ongoing People’s Wars taking place in India and Philippines, led respectively by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI(Maoist)] and the Communist Party of the Philippines [CPP].


Map of the States forming the Indian State. Source: Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa).

Maoist guerrillas have eliminated several policemen from the old Indian State this week. We already reported on other actions that were carried out for the Martyr’s Week. This week the Indian State has stated that three of its policemen have been eliminated and another has been injured, all of them special forces operatives and involved in anti-Maoist operations in the State of Jharkhand. On 11th of August, one officer was killed and another injured in gunfights against Maoist guerrillas.

On Monday 14th of August two more police officers were killed in another shootout in the same State. The Indian State also reported that during this year five alleged Maoist guerrillas have been eliminated. Considering that the repressive operation has been going on throughout the year in Jharkhand, the figures would be much lower than what was expected by the Indian repressive forces.

There was also a video-footage published showing demonstrations, a mass-meeting and performances of cultural groups:


Map of The Philippines. Source: Magellan Geographix

New actions were carried out by the New People’s Army (NPA) against the old Philippine State. We have reported on previous actions.

On 14th of August the CPP applauded the actions and initiative of the NPA, carrying out a series of tactical offensives in Negros and Masbate, and encouraged it to carry out more offensives in defense of the rights of the people and to reinforce these attacks against the old Philippine State. Two days later, new successful NPA actions became known in these two territories: the first one was in Masbate, where NPA troops ambushed a pick up with several armed agents of the Philippine State, destroying it and injuring its occupants. The AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) said that the wounded were mere civilians, but two of them were agents of the CAFGU (Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit) and there was also another armed paramilitary. Paramilitaries in the area are responsible for helping the Filipino State and large mining companies drive peasants off their land, persecute and attack peasant leaders, and other repressive operations.

The other action was carried out in Negros Oriental, where an armed civilian known as “Pen-Pen Fajardo” was disarmed, stripping him of four pistols that have been confiscated by the NPA. This man used the weapons to terrorize the people, to threaten and harass the masses, and commit multiple power abuses against the people.

The NPA has also announced that a Revolutionary People’s Court in Negros Occidental has sentenced Jomarie Benitez to death and executed him for multiple crimes against the people, including snitching to the AFP where many civilians, wounded guerrillas and opponents of the old Filipino State were, so that State troops could execute them.

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