Greece: Workplace crimes from the beginning of May to the end of August 2023

Dead and seriously injured workers in Greece. Murdered and injured by the system. We publish an unofficial translation of the list of these workers, found here.

1/5 a 54-year-old truck driver died on the asphalt, on the National Highway Amfilochia – Vonitsa.

8/5 Two workers were injured while working, in the works of the ring road of Alexandroupoli.

9/5 A garbage truck worker of the municipality of Amarousi was injured in the head during garbage


10/5 A garbage truck worker of the municipality of Igoumenitsa hit her head on the road when she fell from the side of the vehicle.

11/5 A worker, through a contractor, at the Athens Brewery was injured during his work.

11/5 A worker was crushed by a tree trunk while was working on the burned areas of northern Evia.

12/5 A woman broke her ribs after falling while she was working as a maid in a hotel in North Corfu.

12/5 a 44-year-old operator of a vehicle that transports and stacks containers at the port of Thessaloniki was injured when he fell from a height of five meters.

15/5 In the kitchen of the Athens Brewery restaurant, an employee, who works on behalf of a catering

company that has taken over the operation of the restaurant, was seriously injured, as a result of which her arm was amputated at the elbow.

16/5 A worker at the DEMO factory was injured during the evening shift.

19/5 a 42-year-old plumber in Paros died when he was crushed by cement during construction work.

20/5 A worker in the underground department in Elliniko, who was working on a project undertaken by the company AVAX, through the subcontractor Santorini, was seriously injured during work.

21/5 A worker at the ” Royal Olympic ” hotel injured her back when she slipped in water during work.

25/5 A hotel employee in Corfu was injured in an elevator, as a result of this he had to be transported to a hospital.

27/5 a 33-year-old worker, operator of a crane machine, died when, during work in a monastery in

Evrytania, the arm of the machine rested on cables, causing the electrocution of the worker.

28/5 a 15-year-old lost his life in agricultural work in Lasithi, Crete. He was in a field with his

grandfather when he was injured in the legs by the tractor tiller.

29/5 Three workers at the Shipyard Repair Zone of Perama were dismantling the propeller of the

passenger-carrier ship “ASTERION 2” of ANEK, which has been hoisted into one of COSCO’s

floating tanks. A propeller blade left the hook and crushed the workers, leaving the crane operator Yiannis Nomikos dead and the other two, aged 47 and 43, injured.

30/5 A worker in a garbage truck of the municipality of Thessaloniki was injured in her both knees when she fell from the side of the vehicle.

31/5 A truck driver was injured after a clash with a second truck on the Athens-Corinth National


31/5 A distributor in Lamia was injured in the leg when the motorbike collided with a car.

1/6 A delivery man was seriously injured in Kalamata after a collision with a car.

1/6 A sailor on the ship AQUA BLUE in Elefsina was injured in one of his fingers.

1/6 A garbage truck worker in the Municipality of Ilioupoli fell from the side of the vehicle, which was in motion, as a result of which she hit her head on the road surface.

2/6 A 37-year-old builder in Santorini died when he fell from a great height, after the wooden railing of

the balcony gave way.

2/6 a 61-year-old truck driver was found dead outside the cabin of the vehicle at the port of


2/6 Two workers, 39 and 43 years old, were electrocuted in the area of Anydros Stylidas during photovoltaic installation work.

4/6 A distributor in Lavrio was injured after a collision with a car.

4/6 A distributor at a grill in Keratea was seriously injured in the leg with fractures and severed injuries in the tendons, when a car ran over the young worker’s motorbike.

4/6 A 65-year-old worker at the Larissa University Hospital was electrocuted while he was trying to check the temperature on a device.

8/6 a 46-year-old worker was seriously injured in the leg by a feed processing machine at the “Macedonian Feed Industry” in Kozani.

8/6 A 42-year-old Cosco “temporary” worker suffered a broken leg during work at the Container Terminal in the port of Piraeus.

9/6 19-year-old Alexandros R., a distributor in Orchomenos, Viotia, was seriously injured in the head

when his motorcycle overturned. On June 13, he died in the Larissa hospital.

10/6 A ship carpenter working at the ” Golden Yacht ” shipyards in the Ship Repair Zone of Perama had his finger amputated.

10/6 An employee of the Mondelez company in Lamia was struck by a medium voltage current during work.

14/6 a 45-year-old diver died during reef cleaning operations of a ship in Lavrio.

16/6 A worker in the cleaning service of the municipality of Thessaloniki broke the ankle of her left leg

when she was hit by a machine, during collection.

18/6 A worker in a “community work” program in the Municipality of Papagou-Cholargou broke her arm when she fell from the stands of the Papagou Garden Theater. The “accident” happened at 9 in the evening, at a time when he was not supposed to be working.

19/6 A worker at the “intertrade softex ” factory in Oinofyta was injured in the legs and hands when he

was hit by a clerk.

19/6 A waste collection worker in Igoumenitsa was injured in the waist and arm when he fell from the step of the vehicle.

20/6 A cleaning worker of the Municipality of Thessaloniki was injured in the hand during the collection.

20/6 A worker at the Perama Shipyard Repair Zone was struck by a high-voltage current during work on the “Anemos” passenger ship.

22/6 a 58-year-old worker of construction in Kavala died when his leg got stuck in a mixer. In the attempt to free him, a firefighter was also injured in the hand.

25/6 A distributor in the “Piatsa Kalamaki” chain, at the Kypseli store, was seriously injured on Agia Lavra Street. He was taken to hospital where he received stitches to his head.

6/26 a 55-year-old car parts distributor in Thessaloniki died when his motorcycle was hit by a vehicle. The driver of this vehicle abandoned him.

26/6 a 22-year-old worker as a cook’s assistant at a hotel in Malia, Crete, suffered second-degree burns when he was burned by oil while working. He was working without insurance while the employer tried to cover up the incident by putting him in an air-conditioned room and giving him… two days off.

6/27 An employee of the AKTOR company was seriously injured in the leg at the metro construction site at the Venizelos station when he was crushed by a piece of cement.

27/6 A sailor was injured while working on the ship ” BLUE STAR 2″ in Rhodes.

28/6 a 39-year-old construction worker in Rethymno fell from a great height. A few days later, he lost

his battle with life at the Chania hospital where he was being treated.

30/6 A Wolt distributor in Chania was injured in the head and hand after a collision during his work.

1/7 A 57-year-old worker from Albania died in a recycling factory in Diavata. The worker hit his head

after falling from a grater.

3/7 A worker was injured when he fell into a well in Voula. He was freed by the fire department and taken to a hospital.

4/7 A worker at the Waste Transfer Station, in Stavros of the Municipality of Volvi, was seriously injured when he fell from a truck.

4/7 A distributor was injured while working in Holargos and was taken to a hospital.

4/7 a 38-year-old sailor was injured during loading operations of the “Krete 2” ship at the port of Heraklion.

7/7 The 57-year-old worker at the Elefsina Shipyards, Nikos Larentzakis, died while at work. Despite

belonging to a vulnerable group (heart disease) he “faded” under the hot sun, in a boat, after the

shipyard bosses made him work overtime in the middle of the day and even in a position that was not

his specialty.

10/7 a 14-year-old(!) who worked as a waiter in a store on the beach in Kamena Vourla was run over by a car while crossing the street. He was taken to hospital with head and leg injuries.

12/7 A construction worker at the construction sites of Amvrakia Odos, in the middle of the heat, fainted and during his fall was seriously injured, as a result of which he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

13/7 ADMIE worker Dellios Anastasios, 56 years old , was struck by a high-voltage current while cutting trees to protect the network in Florina and is hospitalized with burns on 55% of his body.

13/7 a 61-year-old contract employee in the Municipality of Tanagra in an employment program lost his life while working as a blacksmith’s assistant. He was working under hot conditions.

13/7 The 55-year-old sailor of Kallias – Vervainiotis Costas suffered a heart attack and died during the

mooring in Chania of the ship “El. Venizelos”, of the “ANEK” company.

17/7 a 24-year-old worker at a car workshop in Heraklion, Crete, was injured by hot liquids.

21/7 a 46-year-old bicycle deliveryman at a steakhouse in Chalkida died when he collapsed from heat

stroke. The worker was working in the heat without insurance.

7/21 During an attempt to extinguish a fire a firefighter suffered a myocardial infarction.

21/7 Two firefighters, one woman and one man, fainted during an attempt to extinguish a fire in the

Municipality of Volvi.

22/7 A sales employee at the “Galaxias” supermarket in Larissa fainted while working. In hot conditions, the workers worked without the air conditioning.

22/7 A volunteer firefighter suffered burns during an attempt to extinguish a fire in Rhodes.

22/7 a 42-year-old logger in a forest area of the Municipality of Visaltia in Serres died when he was

crushed by a beech tree. – The aerialist S.M. died during inspection work on a ship’s hold in a Chinese port under sweltering conditions.

22/7 A delivery worker was injured after a collision with a car in Corfu.

23/7 During operations of the company “AVAX SA” on a bridge in the perimeter of Patras it collapsed

resulting in two dead and several injured who were under the bridge at that time.

24/7 a 49-year-old employee of the Municipality of Kallithea died during work from cardiac arrest due

to heatstroke, under hot conditions.

24/7 A firefighter was taken to the hospital due to respiratory problems during an attempt to extinguish a fire in Rhodes.

25/7 The 34-year-old Squadron Leader Christos Moulas and the 27-year-old Deputy Squadron Leader

Periklis Stefanidis lost their lives when the canard they were handling, during an attempt to extinguish a fire in Karystos, crashed into a stream.

28/7 A worker in a project for the creation of drainage in Ilia was crushed by soil and as a result suffered serious injuries.

29/7 a 55-year-old worker was injured when he fell from a height of 3 meters, during maintenance work at a hotel in Heraklion, Crete.

30/7 By luck there were no victims when the excavator props bent and fell at PPC’s Psathi mine in


3/8 The 67-year-old worker Evangelos Fiorakis, who was working on excavations in Kavousi Ierapetra, died of heatstroke while working, in the middle of a heatwave.

3/8 52-year-old contract worker in the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, as a cemetery worker, suffered a stroke during work, in hot conditions.

8/8 A worker was seriously injured when he fell from a height of 15 meters at the shipyards of Elefsina and was trapped in a ship’s hold.

11/8 The 31-year-old worker from Albania, Orhanli Erlando, lost his life at the Halyvourgia factory, in the Second Industrial Area of Volos, when he fell from a height of 20 meters.

12/8 A firefighter, missing since July 22, was found dead in Evia.

18/8 a 40-year-old worker, an immigrant from Nigeria, died on his way back from work in a boat in

Zakynthos. The employee worked 12 hours daily without a day off.

21/8 Two firefighters suffered burns to their hands and face when, during an attempt to extinguish a fire, in Dialecto in Kavala, they were surrounded by flames.

23/8 Five workers in the warehouse of the Southern Peloponnese Pharmacists’ Cooperative inhaled a caustic substance when a container opened during its transport, resulting in them being transferred to the hospital.

8/23 During a firefighting effort at the foot of Mount Parnitha, a firefighter was injured.

23/8 A worker cut her hand at the “Kronos” compost factory.

24/8 a 55-year-old hotel worker in Elounda Lasithiou was injured when the vehicle carrying the luggage overturned.

25/8 a 40-year-old construction worker lost his life when he fell from a great height while installing panels in a building in Mandra.

31/8 A construction worker on a project of the company CONTRACTOR LTD was injured after falling during the installation of scaffolding in the center of Athens.

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