LCP: Down with the CPI of the big landlords thieves of land of the Union! Conquer the land! Death to latifundium!

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement of League of Poor Peasant’s National Commission published on the webpage Resistência Camponesa.

Down with the CPI of the big landlords thieves of land of the Union! Conquer the land! Death to latifundium!

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry [translator’s note: CPI] which was created to defend the Latifundium, the land thieves of the Union, parasites, bloodsuckers of the Nation, and also to attack the peasant movement and the struggle for land is almost reaching its end. All the old latifundium, including the so-called “agrobusiness” embellished and publicized by press monopolies and all governments regardless of which party as the ‘salvation of the land’ and the country’s economy, is only the evolved and renewed form of Brazil’s hundred-year-old condemnation of being a mere raw product supplier at low prices to foreign powers. It has always been the rotten base, now technologically wrapped in glossy paper, of the semi-colonial domination of the country and of the system of oppression and exploitation of our people. System of endless political, economic, social, moral and now military crisis, which has been going on for seven years, making a hell the life of the vast majority of Brazilians.

Named by this gang of extreme right-wing bandits as the “CPI of the MST”, such a commission could end up without an approved report. The reason is the same as always in this scoundrel republic of big bourgeoisie and big landlords and their democracy corrupted to the core, lackeys of imperialism, mainly the North American: agreement set between the current government, the STF [translator’s note: Supreme Federal Court] and Congress, in which the currency of exchange is the gigantic exploitation of peasants, workers and other workers in the city and countryside and the plundering of the country’s produced and natural wealth.

We are not interested in going deeper in these motives, our objective is another, but to unify our statement we highlight that at the end of July and beginning of August, when there was a threat to extend the deadline for more than sixty days of this circus of demonization of the century old struggle for the land, the STF annulled the evidence of the investigation that pointed out to another scandal of robbery of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira. Ministers, billionaire amendments and political charges were offered to “opposition” parties, and the witness of the “side of the government” were told to lower their tone. Nothing new. But these does not make it less revealing or less important that the essence of this rotten big landlord system (as well as the conciliatory position of the false left) were exposed. Once again showing the immediate and definitive need for defeating this system of starvation and country-selling, a task that is pending and delayed.

Land and Power

First, you have to consider a fact. It is revealing that the two “CPI’s” that upsets and scare the most these thieves who steals the public budget, representatives of the big bourgeoisie and the big landlords and servants of imperialism, are the ones that talks about the events of January 8th 2023 (struggle for power, poorly and badly treated as a struggle between “coup d’etat” and “democracy”) and the other one that concerns the struggle for land. This demoralized stage that the CPI’s are in, reveals not only the relationship between the question of Power and the agrarian-peasant question, the center of this question, the importance of the ongoing struggle for Land as Agrarian Revolution and the blows it dealt to the genocidal military government of Bolsonaro and generals, a government of the exploiting dominant classes, mainly of big landlords and the privileged and parasitic caste, and the officers of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, as well as that, without resolving the second, chattering over the first is a continued crime against the people and the nation, coward and historically failed demagogy.

Modus Operandi

Inside the latifundium we see a pack of rabid dogs from the extreme right, army colonels and lieutenant colonels (true nostalgic widows of the 1964 military coup), delegates, military police officers who practice and defend the genocide against the people, mainly against poor and black people, the ones prosecuted by the courts for international wood trafficking and Ricardo Sales (Registrar, the guy who was “promoted” in the last few days from being under investigation to being charged for one of his crimes), the reactionary and expert in smut and dirt, Kim Kataguiri of the MBL (seeking to be someone after the demoralization of Moro and Bolsonaro), all chosen for the dirty work of the CPI, all this scum hungry for a few moments of fame and for the fat spending of the “agrobussiness” for their corrupt election campaigns. It should be mentioned that they are not on the front line of the latifundium, which in no way will free them from the just anger of the masses in the coming reckoning.

First in line is Ronaldo Caiado, Governor of Goiás “unsuspecting” whose grandfather and father are land thief and peasant killer, just as he are. He is the founder and leader of the gang of the latifundium, UDR [translator’s note: Democratic Association of Ruralists], who today operate directing the euphemism known as “ruralist bench” in the national congress. This element alerted his less educated peers to focus on the MST, on the issue of the CNPJ, on the financing of the MST. He was adamant in stating that “poor peasants from Rondônia” (referring to LCP) and FNL were “arms” of the MST because they are not in CNPJ [translator’s note: National Registry of Legal Entities]. The miserable one warned his peers not to let themselves be carried away by their immediate interests (the representatives of the latifundium of Rondônia were eager to attack our glorious League of Poor Peasants of Rondônia and Western Amazônia, while the São Paulo big landlords and their little governor Tarcísio wanted “the head ” of José Rainha and the FNL to legalize the theft of public lands, officially unoccupied in Ponta do Paranapanema, invaded and illegally taken over by the big landlords, which are being giving to local landowners with a modest 90% discount on the value of the land). Caiado knows the differences among movements, and he knows even more that, in times of crisis, in times of war, a detail, a little push is just the straw that breaks the camel.

On the “government” side, some deputies who in the past broke up with the PT [translator’s note: Partido dos Trabalhadores, Lula’s party and the current one] and today are aligned with their former fellows, were kicked out (to give the false impression of a heated dispute), as well as countless firefighters, so that the limits of the “governance” could be respect.

And during the last 4 months, legitimized by the presence of the opportunist and Left who only is concerned in votes the scumbag big landlords expelled all their hatred against the Brazilian peasant masses who struggle for land. “Criminals”, “bandits”, “trespassers” that was sai at least. CPI parliamentarians were often chased away by the masses of peasants during incursions when they tried to infiltrated certain areas (often taking place in the utmost secrecy, catching families by surprise). When they found a peasant living in a humble place, he was immediately labeled a “vagabond” (as if poor housing conditions were not the rule for the vast majority of Brazilian families), or else they blamed the land struggle movements for such conditions of misery; but if the peasant found had any possessions, even a car, then he would be a thief, profiteer of government benefits. Bunch of scoundrels, a privileged caste mocking and disqualifying the poor masses, judging them and saying what he does or does not need (as if they had this power) by the ruler itself. Doesn’t it sound strange that those who have everything and can do everything attacking those who have nothing and can do nothing as if they were on the same situation? But then, who are the bad guys?

Criminals and land thieves are the parasitic big landlords of the Nation

OXFAM data from 2019 show that 1.9% of big landowners with more than 500 hectares own more than 56.16% of all arable land in the country, while peasants with up to 20 hectares or who do not own land, 66.93 % of rural men and women in Brazil occupy, astonishingly, 5.3% of our vast territory. And it is these poor peasants who feed 85% of our people (of these, the vast majority only own land, purchase and sale contracts, without documents of proporty of the land, which makes them hostages of humiliation by bank managers).

Of the 800 million hectares in the country, more than 300 million are public lands, ILLEGALLY STOLEN OR GRABBED BY BIG LANDLORDS. And this rotten justice, being constitutional or otherwise trivial NEVER DID ANYTHING!

Big landlords do not pay taxes for export and do not collect INSS, increasing the cost of food production and causing this inflation that devastates the workers’ economy.

Big landlords invades land, kills, steals land from indigenous peoples and quilombola territories, and it’s “GOOD”! Peasant organizes to take land and is a “bandit”, “invader of private property”, “thief”, “they have to die!” and “you should go to hell”.

Big landlords earns more and more billions because of harvest “Plans”, from all governments, without exception; does not pay bank debt; they win the first price of the secret budget.

In this Brazil of latifundiums, the big bourgeoisie and imperialism, mainly North American, the poor peasant can never be a landowner, at most a squatter. This is what the Land Law of 1850 says, which is still in force today. If there is minerals on the land, it belongs to the person who has the right to mine it (Law for the use of soil and subsoil). And all these concessions, benefits, favors, licenses to explore the mines are locked up in the DNPM [translator’s note: National Department of Mineral Production] since the last century, invariably in the hands of imperialism or the “smart” minds.

And still comes the MST’s bigmouth leader “thinking” himself, in front of a crowd of pessimists and ass-kissers, greeting the Land Statute of the 1964 coup, which deepened the Land Law and the Law of Soil and Subsoil Use, decreeing that the beneficiary of this “agrarian reform” (failed like Mobral, the market reserve in the area of information technology, state companies, etc.) would have the right to “concession and use”, but that the land would belong to the State. Well, why do the rich gain or steal millions of hectares of public land, mining rights, open their mouths to proclaim themselves owners,they say “owners”, while the poor have to remain forever in captivity saying “amen”? What capitalism is this? The only thing missing was saying that this is the way to “market socialism” works to complete the absurdities.

The “maxime” that agrobussiness is doing well and Brazil is doing poorly is a complete lie! Brazil is doing badly so that this thief, lazy, prejudiced, falsely moralistic and depraved minority, who is, at the same time, liar and murderer, can get along. If not, how can Brazil sinks when they are in power, untouchable and benefited by all the governments since the 1988 Constituent Assembly (Luiz Inácio praised them as “heroes”, Bolsonaro, less shameless, spoke clearly and declared that his government belonged to the big landlords)? Is it the fault of those who dominate or those who are dominated? Spare us, most illustrious and learned imbeciles!

The struggle for land is Agrarian Revolution

What astonishes and terrifies the latifundium is that it knows that all that privilege and strength that it shows is, deep down, its greatest weakness, since an empire whose base is a monstrous, cowardly and century old bloodshed continued against our people, yesterday and today, of millions of poor masses. We are 200 million Brazilian men and women going through big suffering so that the latifundium survives. Ultimately, the surplus trade balance (at the expense of exporting primary products), high technology, latest machinery and poisons and fertilizers, and more blah, blah, blah, it’s just fluff. The latifundium is unproductive, it profits because it does not pay the land, does not pay taxes, has government subsidy and has cheap or slave labor. It’s no use passing perfume without taking a shower. The latifundium is dirty, rotten, the cancer of Brazil that needs to be totally and definitively extirpated, as its metastases spread throughout the country, in small and large cities.

Even though they learned from the words of the MST leadership that the struggle for land is peaceful; that peasants do not invade, they simply occupy unproductive properties to enforce the Land Statute of the 1964 military coup; that in Brazil there is room for small property and large estates; that the peasant masses who recently occupied Embrapa were wrong; that there is no longer a struggle for land, but a struggle for agro-ecology; that the peasants do not want land titles, but the failed Concession and Use Contracts (CCU’s) of Incra. None of these, who steal the lands of the Union wil be able to save you from the century old and bloody struggle for land. Maybe just give them a little more time and at some level allow them to call this “rotten” system a “good” system that guarantees them wealth, power and shameful pumpusness in front of a so poor people.

Make no mistake, gentlemen. The same person who told you what you wanted to hear and who left doubts about if he represented the movement (a movement that has history, yes) or if he was there as Luiz Inácio’s lawyer, he recognizes that he usually run over by the masses who generously held up their flags which, once upon a time, were red.

It’s the complete truth! The peasant masses don’t want to occupy, they want to take what is theirs! The peasant masses don’t want to sit on the side of the road and wait for the “government’s agrarian reform”, they want to divide the land to work on their plot! The peasants want to eat, and under current conditions they will not ask whether the food is organic or not. They don’t care about these fake CCUs that are useless! The peasant masses no longer want to count the bodies of their leaders and activists, indigenous and quilombola leaders, all murdered by goons of the latifundium and the police of that old genocidal State! In fact, what was exactly said in the CPI, that after the emergence of the MST such crimes, always unpunished, decreased? Mr. Stédile, only during August: on 3rd of August the couple Cleide da Silva and “Fumança” were murdered after being tortured in the rural community of Ipixuna, in Humaitá, South Amazonas. They were pointed out by the local latifudium as members of LCP of Rondônia who would support and organize land seizure. On August 17th in Bahia, even though she was under the protection of the Federal Police and the Civil Police as she was threatened to death by the latifundium, the quilombola leader Mãe Bernadete was murdered. And between the 14th and 18th of August, an invasion of goons in the territory (tekoha ) Avae’te , in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, left ten houses burned and crops completely destroyed. Does this mean that the data collected annually by CPT are false? Since the 1980s, with a new boom in the peasant movement, the hatred of big landlords and their bloodthirsty reaction, inside and outside the State, has only increased with dozens of massacres and massacres, in addition to the arrests, torture and murder of leaders of peasant organizations, indigenous and quilombolas. Those who claim to defend agrarian reform while actig well-intentioned and nice to big landlords and other reactionaries is telling the same old story!

Since the glorious and heroic Peasant Resistance of Corumbiara in 1995, with blood the Brazilian peasants discovered the worker and peasant alliance and the Agrarian Revolution, and that is what the latifundium, like a giant with feet of clay and a paper tiger, is fearing!

Regarding the leadership of the MST, it had several chances to follow this path. Let’s remember a photo from 1996, printed in the Estadão and in the former Jornal do Brasil, a wonderful photo, thousands of armed peasant masses in Eldorado dos Carajás! But …

Death to the latifundium!

From the hysteria of the words to the facts. The latifundo and the reactionary extreme right, armed to the teeth by the genocidal Bolsonaro and his generals, always in collusion with the murderous military and civilian police, in uniform or acting as private security guards and goons, attacked in different parts of the country peasants struggling for land from the beginning of the Lula/Alckmim/Maggi reactionary coalition government. Exactly like they did on January 8th in Brasília. This also happened with indigenous people and quilombolas. “General silence”!

History do not forgive. Conciliating with reaction has always led to massive bloodbaths!

Whoever orders the killing can also die, especially since the cause they defend has reached such a point of demoralization that they can only defend themselves with weapons.

Our struggle is just, our cause is sacred!

We call We call and advise to creat self-defense organizations in the struggle for land in the same proportion and caliber!

We call on the peasant leaders of land occupationswho did not bend the knee, and there are thousands of them throughout Brazil, the squatter leaders, the indigenous peoples, the quilombola organizations, the populations affected by dams, mining and eucalyptus cultivation, the proletarian masses and others city workers, who increasingly fight in defense of their trampled rights, to close ranks with our brave peasantry, with the path of the Agrarian Revolution.

The hysterical latifundium, lord of everything, screams. The pig’s grunt is a sign of its death. Death to the latifundium!

Conquer the land! Destroy the latifundium!

Land for those who live and work on it!

Death to the latifundium!

Long live the Agrarian Revolution!

National Commission of Poor Peasant Leagues

Goiânia, September 2023

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