CHILE: Propaganda actions due to the 50 years of the fascist military coup

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement and images done by Frente Revolucionario del Pueblo – FRP (Revolutionary Front of the People) published on Prensa Chiripilko.

We receive the following pictures of the Revolutionary Front of the People FRP of some graffittis done in the rural peasant areas of the Mataquito Valley, province of Curicó, Maule region, Chile.

Source: Prensa Chiripilko

50 years later we rise our fists and declare: the rabid anti-communists’ plan that aimed to exterminate Marxism was not fulfilled. Yankee imperialism who planned, financed and then persecuted politically the revolutionaries, was resisted. The masses obey the people’s law as Chairman Mao teaches: “Fight, fail, fight again, fail again, fight again . . . till their victory”. The commitment that true revolutionaries and communists have made, today is done through hard work among the masses.

We condemn the coup plotters of yesterday and today, the torturers and oppressor of the people and we demand: Life sentences for the torturers!

The history of class struggle firmly tough us the lessons of the past. The path that Allende and the UP took was a farce. Lenin said it: “Everything is illusory except power”, and this Marxist maxim was not applied because of the action of revisionism – both international and national – and the opportunism of the time. The masses were lied about that socialism can be built through “peaceful means.” And Pinochet and the military regime – in complicity with Christian Democracy – destroyed such mirage with: Bombs, bullets and repression.

Currently the opportunist social democratic government of Boric and his lackeys from the false “Communist” Party applies the policy of putting the economic crisis on the shoulders of the poor people. At the same time, he glorifies the genocidal and country-selling former president Sebastián Piñera, calling him a “true democrat.” This reaffirms the vision of “democracy” of these subjects: the interests of the big bourgeoisie, the big landlords and imperialism must be protected. To achieve this, they can apply only violence, but because if the people rebel is “terrorism”, “anti-democratic” and a “crime”.

The path of revolution is prepared daily. The political perspective will be clear as a result of a true scientific ideology of the proletariat. Popular power can only be built as long as political power is conquered first – that is a revolution – and it is only achieved with revolutionary violence: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

50 years after the fascist military coup: It is right to rebel!

Down with the coup plotters, traitors, opportunists and genocidals!

Life sentence to the torturers!

Long live the heroic resistance of the masses!

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