Sol Rojo: Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Two years ago, on 11th of September, 2021, the old Peruvian State murdered Chairman Gonzalo, who was the last 29 years of his life imprisoned, and every moment under a strict observation. Despite his health problems, proper medical attention was not allowed, what is an act of torture. Imprisoned in the military naval base of Callao, Chairman Gonzalo survived all this time in harsh conditions of complete isolation.

Two years after his death two campaigns are carried out: the struggle to impose Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of Marxism and for the defense of the ideological leadership of Chairman Gonzalo. The objective is to contribute to the development of the World Proletarian Revolution.

His life, work and thought are models for the revolutionaries and communist of the whole world. All his work, from the beginning to the end, carried out after his death the foundation of the International Communist League, that rises as the new international organization of the proletariat. An organization of 15 different parties and organization form 14 countries that has launched to the world its political declaration and principles. The International Communist League writes on the essential role of Chairman Gonzalo:

“Chairman Gonzalo has been present in the mind and hearts of all of us, in all the tasks and all the struggles that we have developed, precisely guided by our unfading ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which he in a just and correct way defined as the new, third and higher stage of Marxism. Chairman Gonzalo has taught us the great truth that being a Marxist today is being a Maoist. So, this International Conference is a result and an expression of chairman Gonzalo’s struggle, and therefore it constitutes a homage to this titan of thought and action.”

Rallies in front of the old Peruvian State embassy were carried out in each continent after his murder. Also there were marches and several actions, together with the publication of different declarations from Communist Parties that led People’s Wars, such as the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the Communist Party of the Philippines together with the Communist Party of Peru itself.

The slogan “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo” is possible to be found in the streets all over the world, from Mexico to China, in Norway and Brazil. International marches in Hamburg and Paris had the participation of several Maoist organization of Europe, also big marches in Brazil and Bangladesh. All of these are the reflection of Chairman Gonzalo’s shininess.

Here in Mexico, the comrades of the Cultural Center and Studies of Science for the Proletarian Revolution has published an anthology “In defense of the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo” that has in it a biography of Chairman Gonzalo, the Interview of the Century and the Historical Speech of Chairman Gonzalo held on 24th September 1992 to the world.

We want to spread again this material that has an imperishable value in the framework of his second anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo giving his life that constitute a moral, political and military victory against the old Peruvian State and Yankee imperialism.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the universal valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo are a vital strength that democrats and revolutionaries must embody.

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