Tjen Folket: 31 years since the speech of Chairman Gonzalo

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Tjen Folket Media

24th September 1992 was the last time Chairman Gonzalo could speak freely to the outside world. This historic event continues to reverberate through time and space.

Chairman Gonzalo is the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of our time. He was the great leader of the Party and the Revolution in Peru. He was the leader of the Red faction of the international communist movement. He remains a leader and teacher of the world’s communists and revolutionaries.

Chairman Gonzalo cannot die, because Chairman Gonzalo was more than a man. He is a thought, he is a path, he is the heir who carries on Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Chairman Mao. Chairman Gonzalo was created by the Peruvian masses, who rose up in heroic struggle. He was forged in the class struggle and the two-line struggle, by the Party and by Chairman Mao and Maoism.

When revisionism usurped power in the People’s Republic of China and restored capitalism in the country, Chairman Gonzalo went against the tide and under his great leadership the Communist Party of Peru was reconstituted and initiated the People’s War in Peru.

Chairman Gonzalo was captured in 1992 by the reactionary Peruvian State in conspiracy with Yankee imperialism and especially its intelligence service the CIA, which guided and collaborated with the old Peruvian state intelligence service SIN, as well as with the police’s so-called “anti-terrorist units”. He was, in violation of the old state’s own laws, sentenced in a farcical military court and interned in a subterranean complex at the naval base in Callao, where he continued the struggle for 29 years, unable to communicate with the outside world.

Chairman Gonzalo never capitulated, but turned the captivity into a shining trench. From this position he won a great political, moral and military victory over the reaction. It did not succeed in killing Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, which lives on and is here and now developing and growing in strength all over the world.

The reactionary state presented Chairman Gonzalo to the world press on September 24, 1992, and never again dared to let him speak, because Chairman Gonzalo transformed the planned reactionary performance into the great and historic speech, which can never be erased, and which still urges real revolutionaries to action.

Watch the speech with Norwegian subtitles here:

Comrades in Germany have marked the day with actions:

We recommend this film about Chairman Gonzalo’s life and work:

We see a striking example of how chairman Gonzalo lives on in Brazil:

When the reaction completed the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, communists and revolutionaries all over the world showed that the reactionary plans had failed:

Learn from Chairman Gonzalo, learn from his example, study his thought and apply it, mainly apply it, to advance the world proletarian revolution. Chairman Gonzalo lives on in the struggle of the international proletariat, the oppressed people of the world, and especially in the struggle of the communists to reconstitute or constitute the communist parties, to unite more and more internationally, and to regroup in the Communist International.

Eternal honor and glory to chairman Gonzalo!

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