Mexico: War Against the People’s and Student’s insurrection

We publish an unofficial translation of a resume on the Mexican news in the ‘Breves iniciando semana’ of Sol Rojista.

The war against the people deepens and once again the south of the country, and specifically the state of Chiapas, is the laboratory of the counterinsurgency plans of the old State which, in addition to increasing the military presence against the Zapatista territory and the communities that will be affected by the misnamed “Mayan Train”, for some years it has allowed the emergence of criminal groups colluding with paramilitarism that increased hostilities against the population and have now installed states of siege disputing a war among themselves, with which they intend to take control of new territories and subdue the people. The scenes of death caravans and the supposed “support of the population” (forced to applaud the warlords) show the level that the structural crisis of the regime is reaching. Precisely, EZLN refereed to this paramilitary aggression against the Zapatista territory and to this rising violence against the population when, two years ago, stated that Chiapas is on the brink of a civil war. But this same reactionary violence against the people is also seen in Guerrero, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Veracruz and other regions, where the warlords work for the fragmentation of the national territory based on the interests of the Yankee imperialist beast that continues to argue the “war on drugs” as a pretext for a new military intervention against Mexico. Meanwhile, AMLO rides in his little trains alongside the army and navy, guarding it and making it clear that it is a state decision to impose the Interoceanic Corridor and the “Mayan Train.” For the government of the self-proclaimed “fourth transformation” the situation in Chiapas is “under control”. The bureaucrat AMLO maintains that it is all about propaganda magnified by “the right and the conservative bloc” and smiles saying that “fortunately there have not been many murders in Chiapas in general and that is where there have been these confrontations, but there has been a lot of propaganda.” For October 12th, 531 years after the beginning of the indigenous resistance against the Spanish invasion, the National Indigenous Congress has called for a global action called Stop the war against the peoples of Mexico. Mobilizations are expected throughout the country.

We also have decided to add interesting news on the Students insurrection in Hidalgo, found on the webpage Mural Periódico:

The strike initiated at the Institute of Arts of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo is the expression of the fatigue that the student community and the population of Hidalgo are experiencing in the face of the ferocious leadership of the so-called University Group, better known as Sosa Nostra, a mafia and patrimonial group, which has been dedicated to controlling the UAEH with coercion and violence for more than 4 decades and whose leader is under house arrest for organized crime.

Faced with the just and simple request to remove María Teresa Paulín Ríos, director of the Institute of Arts, from office due to her discriminatory attitude against the students and the protection she gives to harassing teachers at the Institute, the rectory offered silence and threats, categorically refusing to discuss the Director’s retirement. Faced with the demand for dialogue and the peaceful takeover of the rectory on September 19th, the response was by repressing students and parents with a shock group made up of workers, teachers and members of the so-called “Student Council” resulting in more than 20 injuries.

The response of an outraged university community and the students suffocated by authoritarianism has led to the extension and deepening of the dignified and sublime resistance carried out by the Hidalgo youth. The students have awakened and the flame of rebellion has been lit to illuminate the conscience of the people of Hidalgo. Now more UAEH institutes have gone on strike, hinting at the possibility of a General Strike. The Technological Institute of Pachuca has joined the student revolt in Hidalgo, and marches have been carried out by alumni and relatives of the students. The collective approval of the people of Hidalgo for the struggle of their students is notable.

On September 25th of this year, María Teresa Paulín Ríos resigned from her position, something she should have done since the first protests. Now, afterwards, the violence and repression is insufficient to end the Strike. Today the student rebellion is a guide to end the caciquismo, the conflict in the UAEH has transcended, it is no longer an inter-university conflict, it is a social conflict in which all popular sectors must participate to end the caciquismo that suffocates the maximum house of studies.

Coupled with authoritarianism, the UAEH has been characterized as an institution where the children of workers and peasants cannot enter due to high fees, with the state of Hidalgo being one of the five poorest in the country. The students must understand that only a profound university reform and the achievement of complete gratuity at the UAEH will be able to democratize the university and put it at the service of the people of Hidalgo, to prevent any factional group from once again trying to kidnap the Maximum House of Studies of Hidalgo.

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