Panel Discussion in Madrid – The repression of imperialism and the State against the popular movement in Mexico and Brazil

We publish an unofficial translation on the call of Servir al Pueblo from the Spanish State to the panel discussion that will be held in Madrid:

We are pleased to announce that on the upcoming Saturday 7th of October a panel discussion against the repression of imperialism and the old State in Mexico and Brazil will be held. The panel discussion, that will take place at 18:00h in CPK La Bankarrota (Calle Encomienda de Palacios, 46), will be on some key questions for the revolutionaries and internationalist, as the relation between imperialism and semi-feudality, the problem of land in Latin America, the war against the people in Mexico, the repression against the peasant movement, as well as the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) in Brazil and the advance in the agrarian revolution. We invite all our readers to spread and to attend the panel discussion.

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