Germany: State Repression and International Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause

Feat: #StandWithZaid; source: Samidoun

German reaction has unleashed a new wave of its long-lasting anti-Palestinian atrocities. This time they point against the Palestinian prisoners organization Samidoun and particularly against Zaid Abdulnasser. Hence, they continue their accomplice with the genocidal Zionist occupation. Abdulnasser is threatened to be deported from Germany because his engagement in the struggle is recognized as harmful for the “public interests” of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is a coordinator of the Palestinian prisoners network Samidoun and member of Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, not accused or charged for having broken any law of the FRG.

The imperialist German state has been intensifying its repression against the supporters of the Palestinian cause in the FRG for years. In particular, left and revolutionary forces that popularize the Palestinian struggle in Germany are under attack by the German authorities. Assembly bans, assault on activists, harassment and harsh anti-Palestinian propaganda of bourgeois politicians and media have long been on their agenda.

Samidoun initiated the solidarity campaign #StandWithZaid in mid-September and Palestinians around the globe, democrats, revolutionaries and the International Communist Movement responded strongly. Among others in Denmark, France, Spanish State, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Argentina, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Peru, Bahrain, Algeria and the USA actions were carried out. Comrades from Sol Rojo Mx strongly push forward the campaign there. Around 250 parties and organizations have signed a declaration in support of Zaid and against the German State’s repression measures.

Poster of the campaign; source: Samidoun

In Germany itself among much other activities there was an event in Hamburg: “On Friday, 29 September, Zaid Abdulnasser spoke in Hamburg, at an event organized by Palästina Bündnis Hamburg as part of the International Campaign Against Anti-Palestinian Repression in Germany. He was warmly greeted by a supportive crowd who welcomed him to Hamburg and expressed their outrage at the repression targeting the community”, as Samidoun reported.

Zaid in Hamburg; source: Samidoun

There was also a demonstration in the German capital Berlin — home to the largest Palestinian community in Europe. More than 200 Berlin police surrounded the rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and against the anti-Palestinian repression, a move clearly aimed at intimidating the community from attending the event, by massive police presence around the starting point. Samidoun reported on the harassment: Police began inspecting every image and text. They demanded that Samidoun flags not be raised, keeping in mind that the event itself was organized by Samidoun Network. They attempted to demand that flags and signs featuring the image of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the Lebanese combatant for Palestine jailed in France for the past 39 years, be taken down. The rally participants refused these arbitrary restrictions. Later, police threatened to cancel the rally if the participants chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. The demonstrators expressed their absolute refusal. After multiple chants, the police disbanded the rally and arrested 6 demonstrators, issuing them fines and releasing them shortly after, solely for chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

As the Palestinian people continue their resistance against the decades over decades long genocide, internationalists in every country will and do defend their just cause, as it is shown once more.

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