Colombia: Solidarity with the Heroic Palestinian Resistance

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published in the Colombian newspaper Nueva Democracia, found here.

On Saturday 7th of October, the Palestinian resistance initiated an operation called “Al-Aqsa Flood”, the operation started by Hamas began with the launching of about five thousand rockets to cities governed by the genocidal State of Israel in the Gaza Strip and caused approximately 200 Israeli deaths. At the same time that the rockets were thrown, about 100 combatants crossed the Zionist borders.

This heroic resistance had a criminal and genocidal act from the State of Israel as a response. Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “we are at war” and ordered bombings. In a single day more than 200 Palestinians (the same number of Palestinians killed during 2022) were killed and almost 2,000 were injured.

Yankee imperialism, fulfilling its role of being the greatest enemy of the peoples of the world, provided military help to its faithful lackey, the Zionist State, to continue perpetuating the genocide against the Palestinian people.

The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people continues pushing the internationalist spirit of the masses and revolutionaries around the world, the masses in Turkey and the United Kingdom have come to mobilize in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

In the same way, young fighters and revolutionaries from Medellin, Colombia, made a small activity in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people, painted some posters and a banner, waved the Palestine flag, gave some speeches informing about the situation in Palestine and made a video where they burned a flag of the State of Israel while chanting slogans such as “from the river to the sea, Palestine will win”, “Yankees out of Palestine, of Iraq, Colombia and all over the world”, among others.

Next, the video of the activity.

Translator’s note: in the video some banners can be seen with the following messages: “The people are condemned to succeed, Palestine will win”, “Free Palestina”, “Palestinian people, your struggle continues in Latin America”, “Imperialists are paper tigers”,”Long Live the Struggle of the Palestinian People”. At the beginning an speech can be heard: “A group of youngsters from Medellin, Colombia, we want to express our internationalist solidarity with the heroic, brave, gallant Palestinian people, which for decades has resisted the genocide made by the State of Israel with all the imperialist accomplices from USA and in the different European countries. This is the reason that here we want to reject the massacre carried out today, Saturday 7th of October against all the comrades who are struggling for a piece of land to live, for their right to exist, and who are being vilely murdered by the Israeli genocide and military. We want to raise all our solidarity and we call to the different peoples of the world to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and its just cause.”
Besides the slogans mentioned earlier, other slogans were shouted such as: “We are students, we are not pacifists, long live the anti-imperialist struggle”.

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