Palestine resists the Genocide

The Operation Al-Aqsa flood” launched on 7th of October continues.

Officially as an attempt to crush the resistance, in reality as a sinister continuation of the genocidal attempt to erase the physical existence of the Palestinian People Israel, has cut all water, food, fuel and electricity from Gaza. On the 11th of October the only power plant in Gaza stopped running. Collective punishment and murder by starvation is internationally recognized as a war-crime and a crime against “humanity”.

Israel is systematically bombing hospitals, which are running out of medical supplies and fuel, and targeting ambulances and medics, which as well is a war crime.

Whole residential areas of Gaza have turned to dust. There is evidence of Israel again using white phosphor, which explodes and burns on impact, and is banned by international agreements.

Additionally, Israel is bombing near the border crossing of Rafah to Egypt, killing mostly women and children who traveled there to seek a way out, and interfering with any possible aid being transported through the crossing.

Israel has multiple times hinted at this being the first phase, which will be followed by a land incursion. What Israel is planning is the annihilation of the Palestinian people with the support of especially US imperialism as well as other imperialists, such as German imperialism, which alongside the US promised more military aid to Israel. The imperialists have shown that they do not care about their own international agreements. Moreover they are accomplices with hands of blood. So is France, which alike Germany now threaten people with “terror”-accusations to prevent them from supporting the just cause of the Palestinian people.

On the 12th of October Israel bombed the airports of Aleppo and Damascus, Syria. Israeli media stated that this was a response to artillery fire from Syria and a warning to the Assad-regime. But bombing a non belligerence country is an unlawful activity. As well unlawful is the ongoing occupation of the Golan-heights.

Despite the horrors inflicted by Israel, the Palestinian people bravely resist the genocide. The Palestinian national resistance is constantly hitting Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv and the settlement of Sderot with missiles. There are still clashes in the settlements around Gaza, such as in Kissufim. There are also clashes between the IDF and youth in the occupied West Bank. On the 11th of October resistance fighters infiltrated Ashkelon from the sea, with the Israeli military failing to stop them. In addition, Hezbollah is striking Israel from Lebanon.

The Palestinian people voice their support for the counteroffensive, in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, where multiple protests have been seen. At the same time, some in imperialist countries try to debate the methods and leadership of the national resistance. The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist published a statement, in which they clarify the issue: ”The “reactionism” and “support” debate, carried out on the ideological-political line of HAMAS, leads to erroneous and dangerous discussions about the essence of the national question and the nature of national movements. The international proletariat stands by the liberation struggle of the nations and peoples oppressed under the domination of imperialist financial capital. This attitude is a line of shaping their own people with a true internationalist spirit, orientation and a consistent line against imperialism. When our approach is based on this, it will become clear that solidarity with the just and legitimate nature of the Palestinian National Liberation struggle is a revolutionary responsibility. The issue of the quality of national movements is quite relative.”

The US has multiple times reiterated its unwavering support for Israel and refused to condemn the war crimes against the Palestinian people. The US minister of foreign affairs Anthony Blinken is traveling to meet leaders of Israel and neighboring countries. While the people there are on the streets in these countries, burning Israeli and US flags, the regimes speak empty words about solidarity, still bowing to US imperialism. One example of this is the president of the ”Palestinian Authority” Mahmoud Abbas, who has condemned ”both sides” and who Blinken is also going to meet.

If Israel tries to march into Gaza, it will we a bloodbath on both sides. There are over 2 million people living in Gaza, who have a deep hatred against the occupier. The people of Gaza are familiar with the territory, and there is for example various underground tunnels which only the resistance knows. Even bourgeois analysts consider it dangerous for Israel. It has already been shown that despite being one of the most technologically advanced military in the world, the Israeli army is time after time failing to crush the Palestinian national resistance. In addition, the Palestinian people have the firm support of the peoples of the world. It is as the Mexican comrades wrote: “Yankee imperialism and the Zionist reaction are nothing more than paper tigers that will be swept away with the force of the Palestinian resistance and the international support of the workers and the peoples all over the world.

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