October 12th in Mexico

October 12th was marked as the day of the arrival of the troops of the Spanish Crown, led by Christopher Columbus, to America in 1492. For the European feudal aristocracy these new lands were kind of a treasure chest. At first the Spanish and Portuguese, but also others such as the English, French etc. conquered, plundered and colonized both the continents. The results of these conquests was the total domination of Europe over the Americas, which included the plundering of its natural resources and the enslavement of those of the indigenous people, who were slaughtered before.

In Mexico, the comrades of Sol Rojo Mx carried out actions where the struggle against imperialism, mainly Yankee, and bureaucratic capitalism to which the people of Mexico is subjugated, was highlighted. Together with the organizations EZLN, UCIZONI, MAIZ, CIPOG-EZ and FECSM among others, they marched in the streets with red flags and revolutionary slogans.

The day began with several simultaneous rallies. In the first, in Zanatepec, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the struggle against electric prices was raised and the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission (FEC) were taken. This, as Sol Rojo denounces, serves as a lackey of the large transnational companies while the service in rural and fishing communities is more expensive. They also denounces its participation in mega-projects of exploitation and death, as in the case of comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, leader of the Sol Rojo, member of the Committee in Defense of the Earth and prominent activist of the civil resistance and the strike strike against CFE. They add: “Comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino was murdered in a paramilitary ambush on April 11st, 2019 in San Francisco Ixhuatán. It was the State! ”

In Oaxaca there were around 500 Solrojista’s comrades, graffitis were made in the building of the Welfare Secretariat to denounce the war against the peoples of Mexico. As another victory, it was possible to block traffic in the city center.

At 10:00h the great march began in which they had the opportunity to denounce the militarization of the State when making a stop at a reactionary military barracks. A speech on the role of the armed forces and the paramilitary and narco groups to combat guerrillas and revolutionary movements in the country for more than six decades was made. Also slogans were painted in the barrack: “Hands off Tagolaba; Dr. Sernas presentation alive; The CIIT exploits and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples; Stop the war against peoples” and some that show proletarian internationalism, such as “Free Georges Abdallah! ”

Leaflets were spread during the demonstration denouncing politicians of the so -called “fourth transformation” who only seek political demobilization, according to Sol Rojo MX.

And they denounced the State by put up Dazibaos with the slogan “Stop the war against the peoples of Mexico and the world!” and “The Interoceanic Corridor exploits and kills poor and indigenous peasants!” in the government building. A red banner against imperialist domination was also put up. At that time, a speech was conducted in support of the heroic counteroffensive of the Palestinian people against Israel, the support base of Yankee imperialism in the area. Slogans were shouted in support of the Palestinian people and flags of the Zionist State and Yankee imperialism were burned. The situation of war against the peoples of Mexico was also denounced.

With the end of the rally, a cultural event was held where protest songs were sang. “It is necessary that the struggles of the people, in the perspective of our liberation, recover the best traditions of the popular movement and build a new culture at the service of the revolution,” adds the report.

The report ends highlighting the success of the mobilizations and activities of the days before of the rest of the organizations. And they add: “We consider that the war situation against the peoples of Mexico and the State terrorism require democratic and revolutionary and anti-electoral and anti -capitalists forces, who have the need to unify all streams of struggle in a great revolutionary torrent. Therefore, we urgently believe that these forces build the front in defense of life and the rights of the people to face and defeat those who have declared this unfair war. ”

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