Myanmar: the military regime continues its massacres, but the people resist

Featured: number of murdered civilians by the military regime from the coup in 2021 until the 24th of August. It is highlighted the Sagaing Region. Source: The Irrawaddy.

On the night of Monday 9th of October the Myanmar military regime carried out an artillery bombardment against a refugee camp in Kachin State, near the border with China, killing 29 civilians. This attack was directed against an insurgent organization facing the military regime, the Kachin Independence Organization. This camp was populated by civilians who had fled from other conflict zones and among the deceased were numerous children.

This attack is nothing more than one of the many massacres of the Myanmar military regime since its establishment after the coup d’état in 2021. It has been estimated that the number of civilians killed from the beginning of the coup until August 2023 exceeds 4,000 killed people. In recent years it has carried out numerous attacks against the people, and the latter have taken up arms en masse against the terrorist dictatorship of the ruling classes and imperialism in Myanmar. We have already reported on this question.

In addition to these artillery bombardments, Myanmar’s military regime has strongly increased its use of airstrikes. In 2022, the use of this type of attacks increased enormously, and for this year 2023, the number of airstrikes has also grown, as well as their fatalities. The military regime is using these means massively in the face of the growth of the people’s resistance, the military setbacks suffered, and therefore applies terror against its own people.

Number of airstrikes done by the military regime sorted by region, since the coup until April of 2023. Source: The Irrawaddy.

Number of airstrikes done by the military regime by year. It can be noticed the increasing of civilians murdered and also that this year the number of attacks will be bigger. Source: The Irrawaddy.

Through the numbers an increase in the terror that the military regime applies against its people, and the use of all types of military means, can be clearly seen. Not only has this not stopped the military resistance, but it has increased it, because the more repression, the resistance rises with greater strength and with more support from the people. Guerrilla actions against the regime’s troops are being made constantly.

One region of Myanmar where struggle has being increased is Sagaing. This region has been constantly attacked and massacred by the Myanmar military regime for a long time. In fact, 40% of civilians killed since the coup in the whole country have been killed in this region. Even the United Nations (UN) claims that the military regime is “trying to create a humanitarian crisis in the Sagaing Region.” But this has not meant that the people of this area withdraw, give way to the regime’s troops or surrender easily. In fact, in the first week of the month the resistance caused heavy casualties to the regime’s troops, who were only able to avoid a catastrophe thanks to the support of modern combat helicopters. After this, the resistance attacked power installations protected by State troops. Previously the regime had cut off power, looted villages and forced thousands of civilians to leave their homes. The guerrilla members caused heavy casualties to the regime’s troops and restored power for hours.

The struggle in Myanmar continues to show that despite the fact that the ruling classes and imperialism have many more military means and unleash a terrorist policy against the people, the people persists in its struggle again and again, and in fact causes strong setbacks and casualties to the military regime.

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