Dignified and combative demonstration to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hamburg Insurrection

October the 23rd marked the 100th anniversary of the last attempt of the working class to seize power in Germany. This anniversary of the Hamburg Insurrection highlighted once again the necessity of the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Thus, in this context, the Red League initiated a broad campaign as early as August, which contributed to putting the issue on the agenda in the revolutionary movement of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG).

The culmination of the campaign was a demonstration by the Red League in Hamburg, which on the historic date of the beginning of the insurrection marched through one of the neighborhoods where the fighting raged most fiercely during the days of the uprising. Powerfully and loudly, the around 100 participants marched from the Barmbek station via Denhaide and Von-Essen-Straße to Friedrichsberg. The demonstration was also supported by comrades from Young Struggle, the Free German Youth (FDJ), other comrades from the revolutionary movement and internationalist comrades. Under the slogan “100 years of Hamburg Insurrection – Red Hamburg lives and struggles!” the historical flag of the KPD was carried side by side with the flag of the proletarian vanguard in formation in Germany today. Some flags of the International Communist League were also carried. To honor the fallen heroes of the Hamburg Insurrection, their names were called out, to which the demonstrators responded in each with a combative “Here in the struggle!” Ernst Thälmann’s role in the struggle of the working class in Germany was also explicitly highlighted, as it was throughout the campaign.

With the hypocritical pretext that participants had “masked” themselves the police stopped the demonstration after the intermediate rally at Denhaide and blocked the continuation for some time with the use of riot police in full combat gear. The police harassment was loudly denounced by the demonstration and finally the demonstration could march on. The police detachment nevertheless remained until the end of the demonstration as an attempt of intimidation. Thus, all slogans and speeches were meticulously documented, radioed on and politically and legally controlled at a higher level.

Despite the broad campaign of the Red League and the early call for the demonstration, some forces that had not previously called for a demonstration had mobilized at short notice and a few days before October 23rd for an “anti-fascist, feminist and class-combative” demonstration at the same time. This sectarian behavior of some forces negatively influenced the mobilization for the demonstration and unfortunately prevented the revolutionary movement from marching united on that day and thus from celebrating more powerfully this important anniversary of the working class in Germany.

At the Red League demonstration, the flag of the Palestinian national liberation movement also found its place in the ranks of the demonstration. Without cowardly reservations, the struggle of the Palestinian people for their liberation was held high. The slogans that are currently being tried to be suppressed by the German imperialist state were shouted. This led to some people from Arab countries – mainly women – joining in and also bringing their own Palestine flag. They denounced how their protest had already been suppressed several times by the police and joyfully stood by the side of the demonstration.

The demonstration thus honored with dignity and combativeness the fallen fighters of the working class from those October days 100 years ago. The Red Hamburg lives and struggles.

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