Genocide, war crimes, resistance and international solidarity

Featured image: Israeli soldiers in the al-Shifa hospital complex. Source:

The Israeli military is evicting the medical staff, patients and displaced people in the al-Shifa hospital in Northern Gaza on gunpoint after two days of conducting a military operation inside the hospital. The medical staff has requested the IDF to provide ambulances, or fuel, so that the patients can be evacuated safely, but this request has been denied, meaning that many patients who cannot move or need support are left to die. Before entering the hospital on the 15th of November, the Israeli forces had bombed the surroundings, the solar panels of the hospital and shot anyone who tried to leave the hospital. The hospital was out of drinking water and power since last Saturday, with 650 patients, 700 members of medical staff and 5,000 displaced people sheltering in the complex. The Israeli military was interrogating and torturing patients and medical staff inside the hospital. It is reported that the military conducted strip searches in a humiliating fashion.

It is a grave violation of international laws of war to attack medical staff and hospitals. Israel claims that the attack is justified because there is a Hamas command center located in the hospital, therefore, in front of the international law, it has lost its protection. However, no real proof of the military use of the hospital has been provided: only some graphics and a picture of a ”tunnel opening” which depicts nothing but an entry to the basement of the hospital. The US has backed the legitimacy of these claims, but it has neither provided any proof.

Al Shifa was the last somehow operating hospital in northern Gaza. Israel is conducting a mass displacement, forcing the Palestinians towards the south of the Gaza strip. The IDF has bombed the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of Gaza multiple times, killing dozens. Today, on the 18th of November, it has also bombed the UN school of al-Fakhoora in Jabalia, where thousands of displaced had sought shelter. Videos showed bodies strewn around the hallways, many of them children. The death toll is said to be at least 50. Despite Israel telling the people to ”evacuate” to the south, it is bombing the whole of Gaza. In addition, the healthcare system of Gaza has collapsed, the last bakery has stopped operating and there is no fresh water.

Graphic describing the damage around Gaza. Source: Al Jazeera

Israel is also conducting military operations in the occupied West Bank. On the 17th, there has been several Israeli attacks against the residents of the region of Nablus, including bombing the Balata refugee camp. Palestinian national resistance fighters are combating the enemy in the area. During the night, the IDF has also invaded the cities of Tulkarm and Dura in the occupied West Bank, and shot a child in Hebron, while injuring two other young people. There was also clashes reported southwest of Jenin.

Around the world the solidarity actions continue.

In Brazil, the Revolutionary Front to Defend the Rights of the People is carrying out a nation-wide campaign. Here we republish some of the pictures of the latest actions. You can see more of the pictures and follow the campaign here.

In the Philippines, protesters attempted to storm the US embassy in Manila on the 14th of November. The rally was lead by the New Patriotic Alliance. In their speech, the organization denounced the role of US imperialism in the genocide. In addition, the US military exercises in the Philippines were also condemned.

A rally against US imperialism and its role in the genocide against the Palestinian people was held in Manila, Philippines. Source: Ang Bayan

In Tampere, Finland, a demonstration with at least hundreds of participants was held on Saturday 11th of November for the fifth time in a row.

A demonstration for Palestine was held in Tampere, Finland. Source: Punalippu

Also posters and stickers have been distributed with the slogan ”Long live the armed national resistance of the Palestinian people!” Source: Punalippu

On the 12th of November a solidarity concert for the victims of the bombing of Israel was held in Trondheim, Norway. In addition to various music performances, speeches in support of the Palestinian cause were held.

The solidarity concert gathered many participants. Source: Kampkomiteen

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