Exclusive: Resolution of the National Conference of the Maoist Communist Party (France)

We are very happy to be able to publish this important resolution from Maoist Communist Party (France), which obviously put an end to a complicated chapter of the history of the Maoist movement in France. We also publish the resolution in French here.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Resolution of the National Conference of the Maoist Communist Party (France)

The Maoist Communist Party of France announces with great joy and class pride the successful celebration of its National Conference to the international proletariat, the peoples of the world, the International Communist League and the International Communist Movement.

The Conference has worked to accomplish all its tasks, and it has done so with a just and correct working method and style, always putting the two-line struggle at the center.

The Conference succeeded in fulfilling its main objective, which was to overcome organizational division to achieve a new level of unity on a higher basis. The Conference adopted ideological, political and organizational Fundamental Documents and with great unanimity elected its Central Committee.

This Conference takes place close to the conclusion of a year in which the class struggle has been particularly intense in France on several occasions, notably the pension battle and the great June uprising. This is no coincidence. The advance of France’s communists in the central task of reconstituting the Party is taking place amid the heat of the class struggle.

Without a doubt, the progress made at this Conference in reconstituting the Communist Party of France, the true General Staff of the socialist revolution, will enable us to overcome all the obstacles on the road ahead. The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party will then fulfill its role as a heroic combatant for the proletariat.

The success of this Conference would not have been possible without working hand in hand with the International Communist League, whose Parties and Organizations, since the founding of the ICL and even before, have always ardently supported the Communists who, in France, took up their task. We owe much of our Party’s victory to the proletarian internationalism embodied by the ICL, a principle we cherish.

In 2023, we celebrate the 130th year of the birth of Chairman Mao, who taught us the following principles: “Practice Marxism and not revisionism; unite and don’t split; and be open and aboveboard, don’t intrigue and conspire.”. We have learned this lesson, we have adopted it, and from now on we shall strive to raise it, apply it and defend it in all our Party’s work.


National Conference of the Maoist Communist Party (France)
November 2023

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