Israel intensifies bombing of Gaza ahead of four-day truce

Featured image: Graffiti in València, Spanish State. Source: Servir al Pueblo

The Israeli government and Hamas agreed on a four-day truce on the 22nd of November. The truce will start on the morning of Friday the 24th of November. Israel will release 150 women and children from its prisons, and the Palestinian national resistance will release 50 civilian captives. Israel has over 7,200 Palestinian prisoners, of which 88 are women and 250 are children. Four out of ten Palestinian men spends at least some time in prison in their life. Israel convicts even children in military courts and uses administrative detention, which means imprisonment without trial or any charges. The number has rapidly grown since October 7th. In just the last 24 hours (as of November 23rd) 90 were detained in the occupied West Bank.

According to an analysis published by Qatari media Al Jazeera, the truce will mostly benefit Israel. It will allow Israel to refill its ammunition which it receives from the imperialists, especially US imperialism, to continue massacring. During the truce, ”more” humanitarian aid will be allowed in for the duration of four days, but this does little to help the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza, because of the destruction of infrastructure and the lack of electricity and water.

Israel has said it is willing to continue the truce with one day towards each ten captives released. But Netanyahu has clearly stated that there will be no peace, and the war will continue. Israel wants to crush Gaza as the fortress of the Palestinian national resistance. The truce will be used to justify the continuation of the genocide, to give a chance for the imperialists to wash their hands and straighten their ranks.

Right ahead of the truce, the bombing of Gaza is intensifying. Israel is sowing destruction especially in northern Gaza. All the hospitals of northern Gaza are inoperable, and the area is in the verge of famine due to lack of food and water. Israel is continuing war crimes, such as targeting medical personnel of the Red Cross, and arresting medical staff of the al-Shifa hospital. During the truce, Israel will allow those still in northern Gaza to flee towards south. This way, the truce will also serve the displacement of the Palestinian people.

The genocide continues to be denounced by protesters all around the world. Here we share some of them:

In a demonstration held on the 12th of November against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) summit in San Francisco, US, revolutionaries carried a banner expressing support to the national resistance of the Palestinian people.

In Kristiansand, Norway, around 300 participated in a demonstration against Israel’s occupation and genocide on the 18th of November. Some days later, on the 22nd of November, a support concert was held. In the event, information of the struggle of the Palestinian people was distributed, and there was music and other art presented. Also traditional Palestinian food was served.

A demonstration was held in Kristiansand on the 18th of November. Source: Kampkomiteen

In Bergen, Norway, daily demonstrations have continued, gathering 70-150 people every day. Kampkomiteen held speeches in many demonstrations, saying in one of them:

”One slogan we have shouted in each and every demonstration in Bergen is also constantly becoming more criminalized. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! In Austria, it is forbidden. In Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain the politicians are discussing the same. Why? Because they say that this slogan implicates the destruction of Israel. But it is necessary to destroy Israel. To criminalize this point of view is to criminalize the right of the Palestinians to an own country. It is a denial of what is a genocide!”

In Trondheim, Norway, high school students organized a school strike and a demonstration on the 16th of November. The demonstration expressed support to the national resistance of the Palestinian people and denounced the genocide carried out by Israel.

In València, Spanish State, the slogan ”Long live the armed struggle of the Palestinian people!” has been painted.

Graffiti in València, Spanish State. Source: Servir al Pueblo

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