The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people in face of the genocide continues

Featured image: ambush done by the Al-Qassam Brigades against Israeli military vehicles. Source: Dobruhaber.

Continues the genocidal attack by the State of Israel and imperialism, mainly Yankee, against the Palestinian people. Just between the 6th and the 7th of December, 350 Palestinian people were killed. This figures are raising while the struggle for Gaza City and Khan Yunis is increasing. The Health Ministry of Gaza stated the 7th of December at 16:00 GMT, that the death-toll was 17.177 people murdered and more than 46.000 injured due to the Israeli attacks. We have been reporting on the counteroffensive of the Palestinian people and on the genocide perpetrated by Israel during the last months. The attacks with more casualties have been the big bombings which have caused hundreds of civilians murdered. For example, in this last week the bombings against the Jhabalia camp refugee have been intensified, and it is being constantly attacked with hundreds of dead people every day. This is a clear example of war crime and of bombing civilian areas, attacking on daily basis areas with a lot of population in which most of the murdered people are unarmed women and children. Also numerous studies, including from imperialist media, have proved that most of the territory of Gaza has been damaged due to the bombings.

Infrastructure damaged in the Gaza Strip, except the rural areas. Source: The Guardian.

The examples of massacres of civilians and how Israel attacks not only military targets, are constant from the beginning of the attack against the Gaza Strip. One of the most well-known examples are the attacks against convoys of injured people running from the hospitals, or convoys of families running from the war, even if they were following the directives of the Armed Forces of Israel. Recently, has been acknowledged numerous examples which are in similar circumstances, as the almost complete elimination of the family of a journalist of Al Jazeera, in total 22 people murdered, including elder people, children, unarmed civilians. Or the murder of a journalist of Reuters, who was reporting on the genocidal attacks perpetrated against the Palestinian people of Gaza.

This Israeli genocidal policy is not being only against the Palestinian people who inhabits in Gaza. The war against the Palestinian people is also carrying out in the occupied West Bank, being more silence but continued. From the 7th of October until the 7th of December have been murdered 266 Palestinian people and have been detained 3.640 in this territory. Moreover, from the 7th of October until the 4th of December, have been made 308 armed attacks by Israeli settlers. In the occupied West Bank the Palestinian resistance also is raising in arms against the invader and there were several armed clashes near to Jenin during yesterday.

During these months Yankee imperialism has shown itself how it is the main imperialism which is arming and using the State of Israel as a weapon against the Arabic people. This Wednesday Blinken “warned” the State of Israel that the civilian casualties in Gaza must stop. But on the other side, Yankee imperialism is sending more weapons and want to say even more to Israel. According to the Security Ministry of Israel, from the 7th of October they have received 10.000 tons of military material from USA. Also Yankee imperialism is protecting Israel from missiles and other attacks launched from Yemen by the Houthies.

On their side, the country-selling governments of the Arabic countries remain loyal to imperialism and their intentions. For example Saudi Arabia, which is on the side of imperialism, specially protecting Yankee military targets and Israeli territory, and from October have been intercepting missiles launched by the Houthis from Yemen. Despite this, the Palestinian people heroically resists, it doesn’t surrender. Yesterday during the afternoon, the Israeli army admitted five more casualties among their troops, including a son of a military leader, and raising its death-toll to 416, according to the journal Al Mayadeen. The Al-Qassam Brigades recently stated that in between the 4th and the 7th of December they destroyed 135 Israeli military vehicles.

During the last week the Palestinian resistance have made several heroical actions against the invaders, causing harsh casualties while they defend their nation. On the Friday 1st of December there was a successful ambush, eliminating 60 Israeli soldiers, and also destroying several vehicles.

Last weekend, the National Front of Resistance of Palestine caused severe defeats to the Zionist invader. Al-Qassam Brigades reported they eliminated 10 Zionist soldiers in the eastern axis of the Khan Yunis and attacked Israeli targets, specifically the port of Tel Aviv [link AND Brigadas Al-Qassam conseguem novas victorias militares atacando un porto de Tel Aviv e matando 10 soldados sionistas em Khan Younis].On the Monday 4th of December, the Al-Qassam Brigades confirmed the destruction of 28 vehicles, including some tanks. In another action, in between the 5th and the 6th of December, the National Front of Resistance of Palestine eliminated nine Israeli soldiers.

Video of military actions against Israeli vehicles. Source: Al Mayadeen English.

The governments of the Arab nations has shown that they are lackeys of imperialism, but the peoples of these countries are fighting together with the Palestinian people. The most recent attack was from Iraqui groups against the Yankee military base of Ain Al-Asad, being attacked by a drone. These attacks are more frequent from the beginning of the Palestinian counteroffensive on the 7th of October.

Map of attacks made against military bases of Yankee imperialism in the Middle East until the 5th of December: Source: Institute for the Study of War.

Also the Arabic peoples have shown solidarity with armed actions against the State of Israel, specially in the border of Lebanon, where Hezbollah has attacked several Israeli military targets with numerous artillery attacks. They have carried out attacks for weeks, with several of these attacks in the last days. Yesterday it was reported that a anti-tank missile eliminated a Israeli soldier, being confirmed by the Armed Forces of Israel.

While imperialism and its dogs of war have all the means, the Palestinian people and its National Front continue causing harsh casualties to the invaders. Doesn’t matter the technology, bombs and tons of military material being used. The will of a people cannot be crushed and every day is more and more clear with the struggle in Jhabalia, Khan Yunis, Gaza City and in the occupied West Bank. Also day after day is more clear the rottenness of imperialists and its lies, which are trying to justify the genocide against Palestinian people, trying to deviate the attention from the horrendous crimes of the genocidal State of Israel. But the peoples of the world, and specially the Arabic peoples don’t believe these lies and they are event attackin the Yankee imperialism and the State of Israel. When the Israeli attack started, many people stated that would be another quick victory of Israel, but after more than two months, the heroical Palestinian resistance keep struggling.

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