Down with the pardon for the genocidal Fujimori!

We publish an unofficial translation of the article and a statement of the MPP found on the web page Nuevo Perú.

Afterthe news that appeared today in all the newspapers in the country, which says:

“After a week of back and forth, the Constitutional Court (CT) finally established explicitly in a resolution that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH Court) does not have jurisdiction to order that a sentence not be executed of a national court and ordered “the immediate release” of the former President Alberto Fujimori, sentenced in the cases Barrios Altos and La Cantuta , “under responsibility”.

We reproduce the statement below of the Peru People’s Movement (Reorganization Committee) of December 2017, after the pardon was given, for preserving all its relevance on the topic.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Down with the pardon for the genocidal Fujimori!

The fascist, genocidal and vendetta government of Kuczynski/Fujimori fulfilled what imperialism and reaction determined: it pardoned Fujimori. This pardon has been in order since the extradition of this fascist, genocidal and country-selling on the part of Chile. And all the former Presidents of the genocidal State, from García to the current one, always announced such a pardon, preparing public opinion and the opportune moment. The pardon was achieved, as one reactionary newspaper stated, through “a farce. The farce staged to save Kuczynski and pardoning Fujimori.”

The pardon granted to the fascist, genocidal and vendetta Fujimori was already known. In June 2017, Kuczynski stated that “the moment to forgive is now”, and it was prepared by the reaction and imperialism, in collusion with revisionism, especially with the revisionists of the Right Opportunist Line (ROL), revisionist and capitulationist, both in prisons as in the VRAEM. They all set up a series of systematic plans against the Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, trying in vain to discredit his name and his status as the most important revolutionary war prisoner in the world.

The current authorities, both civil and military, and those who preceded them, tried to hide their rotten system of corruption and deals in the high stages of the current government, in the governments of all the previous ones, also genocidal, fascists and traitors, linked to their campaigns of low intensity warfare (LIW) as part of the Yankee “counter-subversive war” that have been unmasked, denounced, fought and crushed by the PCP and the Peruvian people, with the backbone of the new Power, the Republic of the New Democracy in Formation, the People’s Liberation Army (EPL), all-round led by the PCP and always guided by the almighty and indestructible ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Gonzalo thought, firmly subject to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo.

Chairman Gonzalo, despite being in absolute and perpetual isolation, tortured and subjected to life imprisonment, without sentence or valid resolution, remains firm, combative and defiant in the face of the old system of oppression and exploitation of the old big landlord-bureaucratic State at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee. Chairman Gonzalo shows to the world his firm stance as a total communist and great revolutionary, as a fighter firm and exemplary anti-revisionist. In 2014, for example, he denounced and intervened from inside his cell, late at night, fighting against the judicial, fiscal system and naval jailers once again rejecting Movadef, as belonging to the PCP. Our Leader repudiated the thesis that he belonged to such organization and rejected the accusations against him.

The MPP (RC) denounced on the occasion of the so-called second round of the 2016 elections that whoever is elected, in addition to fulfilling the three reactionary tasks, as part of them, would have to give “amnesty” to free the fascist. The genocidal and country-seller Fujimori from the golden prison where he is protected from the fury of the people and, likewise, from other civil genocides and military. We said that the issue being debated, in the midst of collusion and struggle among them, is how this would happen. We also said that the inaugurated government On July 28, 2016, it was the PKK government and Fujimorism, because this latter obtained a majority in Congress, and because both have a task specific to fulfill, as a reaction need for their war counterrevolutionary, called “low intensity”, against the Peruvian people and the people’s war.

When we refer to this fascism and these fascists, we are applying what is established by the PCP, which characterizes the established regime with the so-called “Fujimori self-coup” as a suitable fascism to combat the people’s war.

In our country, a broad movement of rejection of forgiveness for genocides and, for everyone, it is also clear that it is a forgiveness not only for the genocide against the masses, but for all this redoubled submission to imperialism, mainly Yankee, having sold at auction in the country, since the 1990s of the last century.

The pardon is an official pardon for genocide and theft, official corruption, most flagrant and disastrous for the country. All this further delegitimizes the old State and shows that it is corroded to the core and that can only be maintained through inertia and the force of the weapons. From our hill what corresponds is to continue its sweep with more People’s War, so we have to struggle further to complete the general reorganization of the PCP.

The position of the PCP and its organization generated for the work abroad, the MPP (RC), is clear and forceful in denouncing the pardon to fascist, genocidal and vendetta Fujimori and the ongoing pardons for the others civil and military genocides, as well as a need for reaction and imperialism, in collusion with the new revisionism, to continue developing its called “low intensity war”, counterrevolutionary war, against the People’s War. This forgiveness for all their genocides and other crimes is a condition to continue their genocide against the Peruvian people and against their best sons, the communists, the combatants and the masses. Defend life and the health of Chairman Gonzalo with People’s War! This must be done, this is what we must do in the face of this fact. Not like Movadef, which is advancing mobilizations to join the struggle of “human rights”, the “left”, etc. trying to divert the masses towards another path, the electoral path, seeking amnesty and enlistment to move to repress the people along with the reaction. We condemn these miserable rats and the rats of the opportunistic line of right-wing essence with a “left” mask of the VRAEM, who do not cease their attacks against our Leadership and the Gonzalo thought.

Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo with People’s War!

People’s Movement Peru (Reorganization Committee)

December 2017

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