PLGA week’s actions and on the People’s War in India

We publish on new actions in the People’s War in India, including the ones done for the PLGA’s week, which commemorates the foundation of the guerrilla. We have earlier reported on the People’s War.

From the 2nd of December to 8th of December the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) week took place. This week commemorates the anniversary of the PLGA and during this dates, different actions were done. On the first day, on 2nd December, two Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldiers were injured due to an improvised explosive device (IED), which exploded in the police station area of Barsur. The repressive forces, trying to minimize the effect of the PLGA actions, suspended the Narayanpur-Orchha bus route.

Many posters were hung up celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the PLGA. The banners emphasized the necessity of recruitment, support base expansion and the fortification of the PLGA. Also there was a warning to CRPF, saying that if their camp remains in the Kolhan forest area, the Maoist will continue to pose a threat. Also they linked to the unjust war the CRPF is conducting against Kolhan people. Following this threat, an 8 kg IED was set, but it did not explode.

On 6th of December it was reported that the guerrillas where paying tribute to the comrades who fell during the struggle. Posters were hung up in the area of Kandhamal-Kalahandi-Boundh-Naragarh in which the people was called to see the actions of the PLGA week and announced punitive actions against cannabis mafia.

Other pamphlets have been found. In Balaghat district, pamphlets allegedly by the CPI (Maoist) on the police excesses, particularly regarding the clashes resulting in the deaths of Jhamsing Dhurve and allegedly “Comrade Kamlu” and they thanked the people for exposing this case, were spread.

On 9th of December, a BJP-affiliate was killed in Chhattisgarh, in the district of Narayanpur, allegedly for his link to the iron ore mine. In total, during this year seven BJP-affiliates have been killed only in this State. On 24th of November, two people who worked for the iron ore mine JNIL were killed and another was injured by an IED explosion in the same district. The actions were allegedly done by the CPI (Maoist) due to its opposition to the mine.

Injured jawan due to an IED. Source: Business Standart

Similar things happened on 11th of December, two security personnel were injured due to an IED explosion. The patrolling was hired to provide security to the road construction work in Saltong village. In this village is located a CRPF camp to facilitate the construction of the road. Today, 12th of December, a District Reserve Guard jawan was injured due to an IED near the camp.

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