Former Republican Prisoner Targeted In Act Of Collusion

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A renewed campaign of harassment and intimidation coupled with collusion appears to be mounting in the South Derry/North Antrim areas as growing evidence shows Crown Forces and loyalists are working together.

Following a number of stop & searches under draconian legislation by Crown Forces, former Republican Prisoner, Julian Flohr, has been forced from his job in Ballymoney after a clear case of collusion resulted in his workplace being attacked.

Speaking out about the issue, Saoradh representative, Paddy Gallagher said “Having been stopped by British Crown Forces close to his workplace recently, the South Derry Republican faced the predictable repugnant comments by the occupier, with snide remarks made over recent movements and associations.”

Gallagher continued “On Tuesday 5th December as Julian arrived at his workplace he discovered the building had suffered significant damage with the windows smashed and graffiti daubed across the building relating to his previous convictions. The Crown Forces smugly arrived asking for a statement, however this was refused. A few hours later, Crown Forces returned, gleefully informing the Republican activist that the attack on the shop was aimed at him; something which was already known.

Today (8th Dec), the owner of Ahmets Turkish Barbers in Ballymoney received a phone-call stating that Julian’s employment should be terminated immediately or “the shop would be further targeted” and “burnt out”.”

The Irish people, and those who struggle for freedom, have been at the coalface of Britain and it’s willing loyalist narco terrorist attack dogs for decades.

Saoradh offer our full support to those affected by the ugly face of blatant sectarian attacks, intimidation and collusion.

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