INDIA – CASR: On successful observation of Country Wide Protest

Hereby we publish a press statement we have received.

Press statement

29th December 2023

On successful observation of ‘Country Wide Protest’ for release of Parliament Protestors at 11 locations across 6 states on 29th Dec 2023.

Release Neelam, Amol, Manoranjan, Sagar and Lalit Jha!

Protest is not terrorism, Scrap the charges under UAPA!

Campaign Against State Repression (CASR) gave a call for ‘Country Wide Protest’ on 29th December to demand the release of 4 protestors and 2 of their friends, who continue to be under arrest, slapped with draconian UAPA and branded “terrorists” for their fearless protest in the New Parliament building via medium of smoke canisters, placards and slogans on 13th Dec, 2023.

Recognizing the act of bursting smoke canisters inside the Parliament house as an act of protest by common people to convey their concern and anger towards growing unemployment, inflation and fascism; various progressive democratic organisations responded to the call given by CASR and held protest demonstrations, rallies and public meetings in colleges, villages, towns, and District headquarter in several states; drawing hundreds of people to oppose the State’s Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist decision to jail the protestors.

Protests were held at Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, Allahabad University, Kundli Industrial Area (Sonipat), Hisar District and Narvana in Haryana; Moga District and Zira city (Ferozpur District) in Punjab, Ernakulam District in Kerela and West Bengal. In Neelam Azad’s home District Jind, More than 600 people protested against the fascist move to slap UAPA against Neelam and her comrades. Protestors from broad section of society, working class, Farmers, Students, Teachers and Democratic minded people extended solidarity with Neelam and her comrades and vowed to continue the struggle for their release.

We, the Campaign Against State Repression once again reiterate that the slapping of UAPA of Parliament protestors and branding their act of protest as terrorism is an attempt by Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist regime to suppress people’s just demand and criminalise democratic dissent। we affirm our solidarity with Neelam, Sagar, Manoranjan, Amol and their comrades and demand their immediate unconditional release.

We also express our gratitude and greetings to all the progressive democratic forces that responded to the call of the hour and protested। we call upon all such organisations to continue the struggle until Neelam and her comrades are among us, fighting shoulder to shoulder for the masses.

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