Israel continues the genocide – new actions in solidarity with the Palestinian people

Featured Image: Ramallah demonstration against Blinken. Source: The New Arab

Today, January 11th, the trial process against Israel has begun in the International Court of Justice, one of the organs of the United Nations (UN). South Africa took Israel to court for committing a genocide in Gaza, the death toll of which has exceeded 23,400 dead since the counteroffensive of October 7 in Gaza and another hundreds in occupied West Bank. At the same time, the security council of the UN is telling the Ansar Allah to stop the actions against imperialist ships on the Red Sea, actions, which it is carrying in support of the Palestinian national resistance.

While Israel rejects the accusation of genocide and qualifies it “atrocious and absurd”, it says it does not intend to “occupy Gaza permanently” or “displace its civilian population” and denies the famine in Gaza because there is “enough community aid.” But today ground attacks have been reported in the central and southern zone of Gaza, killing dozens of people according to Gaza’s Minister of Health while the health system continues to be collapsed. In addition, the displaced already sum 2.3 million people, 85% of the population of Gaza while attacks against the Palestinian population by Israeli illegal settlements intensify, as we report in our previous article, as well as its violence against the Palestinian people. Israel has again targeted an ambulance, killing at least four, among them medical personnel. On October 9 it was reported that the settlers had killed a Palestinian teenager while the Israeli forces allowed it in occupied Bank. Previously, the city where the settlers attacked had been threatened by social networks with the message “to all rats in the sewers of the village of Qusra we are waiting for them and we will not have mercy. Revenge Day is approaching.”

During the declaration of South Africa against Israel in the International Court of Justice, a hundred people have gathered to demonstrate in favor of Palestine, calling the state of Israel genocidal.

Demonstration in front of the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Source: NBC News

In addition, Hezbollah has again launched rockets to northern Israel. According to Israeli sources, more than 10 rockets shot from Lebanon to the city of Kiryat Shmona and Margaliot have been reported. There have not been injured or dead.

In Ramallah, a city in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian people have protested against the visit of the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who will meet with the so-called “Palestinian Authority” as part of their journey from the Middle East. During the three Palestinian protests they have been arrested by the Palestinian security forces, after the protests of the rest of the protesters, the three Palestinians were released at half an hour. “Blinken and his government are accomplices of our people’s genocide in Gaza. He personally provided diplomatic and political support to the occupant state to kill thousands of our children in the last three months; he is not welcome in Palestine,” said one of the protesters.

Ramallah protesters against Antony Blinken’s visit. Source: The New Arab

In New York, 320 protesters were arrested after cutting roads on the bridges of New York City demanding the ceasefire in Gaza. More than 1,000 protesters participated in the march that ended up cutting several bridges in the city, which was organized by Palestinian youth movements. “We are again launching American bombs and chemical weapons internationally prohibited from American manufacturing over the Arabs, financed with money from US taxes and protected by US media, again. Those who are in power believe that they can go out with their own, but being here every week is our way of saying that we will not leave them, ”said one of the protesters.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday, January 7 there was a great demonstration under the name “All Denmark to the street by Palestine.” slogans were shouted, like “Mette has his hands full of blood!”, “Copenhagen says no to genocide!”, “Long live Palestine!”, “Down, down with Israel!” and many others. Among them, revolutionary activists have gone to the street with banners saying it is right to rebel.

You can also see a graffiti in the proletarian neighborhood of Ishøj that says “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!”

“Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!” Source: Socialistisk Revolution

In Maó, Spanish State, the Arab community has taken the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Maó, Spanish State. Source:

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