LLL march under police attack

BERLIN – The LLL (Lenin, Liebknecht; Luxemburg) commemoration, which traditionally takes place every year on the 2nd Sunday of January, starting from Berlin’s Frankfurter Tor to the Memorial to the Socialists, was again the scene of aggressive, offensive and provocative behavior by the Berlin Police, as in previous years.

Thousands of people participated in the march alongside local and migrant revolutionary and socialist organizations.

In the march, which was generally enthusiastic, it was observed that leaflets and statements issued by the International Communist League (ICL) and the TKP/ML were distributed.

Two main themes stood out in this year’s march. The first was the messages of international support and solidarity to the just resistance of the Palestinian nation, which was massacred as a result of Israeli Zionist aggression, and the other was the shouting of slogans that the revolutionary communist ideas of Lenin, the leader of the Great Socialist October Revolution, continue to guide the struggle for socialism today in the struggle against imperialism on the 100th anniversary of his death.

Banner reading “Let us follow in the footsteps of Luxemburg, Liebknecht and Lenin, the great master of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to overthrow the ‘giant with feet of clay’!” signed by Partizan and the Red League (Roter Bund).

Despite the historical legacy of fascism, which murdered the leaders of the German proletariat such as Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, which led to the deaths of millions of people during the fascist Nazi period, both in Germany and in the 1st and 2nd imperialist wars of division, despite the historical legacy of fascism, which resulted in defeat, we see that the German imperialist state is again and again oppressive, militarist, warmongering, taking further steps in its efforts to assume its role. It was once again seen in the attitude of the police in Berlin yesterday that today’s Traffic Lamp (SPD- Grüne- FDP) coalition government, which adopts a policy of support for the Israeli state’s attack on the Palestinian nation and practically protects the interests of the monopoly capital and the imperialist bloc with which it is in alliance with, against the actions and demonstrations in Germany with the Palestinian national resistance.

In yesterday’s march, Partizan and ROTERBUND formed a joint cortege and marched with jointly prepared banners. The banners carried in the Partizan and ROTERBUND cortege, which included Maoist revolutionaries from Norway and Malta, and the Palestinian flags carried alongside the revolutionary speeches attracted the attention of the police.

Camera recordings and attempts to blockade the cortege indicated that the police were preparing for an attack. The police detained the speaker from the Palestine cortege, who was marching right in front of the joint cortege of Partizan and ROTERBUND, and the march was halted in protest. The march was not continued for about 30 minutes and slogans were chanted for the release of the detainees. Speeches were made exposing the oppression of the German police, the attacks and the increasing aggression of the German state in general. The content of these speeches in the ROTERBUND cortege drove the police crazy. When the march did not continue and the revolutionary democratic forces marching at the front of the cortege started to show solidarity by walking back to protest the detentions and coming close to the Partizan and ROTERBUND and the Palestine cortege to show solidarity, the police attacked the crowd with all their forces, spraying tear gas and attacking the crowd with batons.

Banner with the slogan “Long live the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people” signed by Partizan and the Red League.

With the struggle and resistance of the revolutionary forces, there were clashes between the police and the masses. As a result of the excessive use of force by the Berlin Police, around 16 revolutionaries, including Partizan and ROTER BUND activists, were injured. Revolutionaries and comrades who were detained by the police and subjected to severe torture and violence were transferred to hospitals.

With yesterday’s attack, the police sent a message to the Israeli Zionists that they do not tolerate those who carry Palestinian flags, praise the Palestinian National Resistance and show solidarity, that they are on their side, and once again revealed the anti-communist reaction of the German state.

Banner with the slogan “Long live the International Communist League” signed by Partizan and the Red League.

Yes, it was a class conflict. Due to the law of class struggle, the antagonistic contradiction between the oppressor and the oppressed was manifested in practice in this way yesterday.

However, it is a necessity that the revolutionary resistance and the revolutionary solidarity shown relatively should be carried further and that the joint resistance of the revolutionary forces in the LLL march in Berlin should be organized to form strong barricades against the aggression of the police.

It is a requirement of their class character that most of the reformist, pacifist, compromising revisionist sections taking part in the LLL march cannot and will not take a stand against police aggression. However, with the historical tradition of resistance and consciousness of the revolutionary socialist forces against fascism and oppression, revolutionary forces should be prepared more strongly for the LLL Berlin marches in the coming years and should be armed with revolutionary courage.

AHM Editor’s Note

January 14, 2024

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