Philippines: Accumulation of arms and long-term military presence of Canada and the UK

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the article published in Philippine Revolution Web Central.

Accumulation of arms and long-term military presence of Canada and the UK in the Philippines, cleverly infiltrated

Not only the US will be allowed by the Marcos Jr regime to pile up troops, weapons and military equipment in the Philippines, Canada and the United Kingdom will also be allowed under the military agreements being prepared between it and the aforementioned countries.

An agreement on “enhanced defense cooperation” or EDCA is said to be “being arranged” between the Philippines and Canada, according to Gilbert Teodoro Jr, secretary of the Department of National Defense on January 16. It will be signed within the first quarter of the year. Similar to the US country’s EDCA, it revolves around the prohibition of the construction of military bases, the stockpiling of weapons of war, and the import of nuclear weapons. Canada is also pursuing its own Visiting Forces Agreement that would surely grant the same privileges to American troops now in the country.

Just like the EDCA and VFA of the US in the Philippines, the Marcos Jr. puppet regime will surely allow the long-term presence of Canadian foreign troops.

A military treaty requires the approval of a majority of the Senate. The Senate dissolved the last such treaty, the US-Philippine Military Bases Agreement in 1991, which kicked US forces out of its large military bases in Subic and Clark. In the VFA, the Philippines has no authority over American soldiers entering the Philippines, even if they have committed crimes. They also have extra-territorial rights to what they claim are “EDCA sites” that are nothing more than military bases.

The Philippines and the UK will also have an “agreement” to allow the presence of the latter’s troops in US war-games on the country’s land and sovereign waters for the next five years.

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