Turkey: Statement from the TKP/ML

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the statement from the TKP/ML published on their website.

Revolution is a Need, Revolutions and Those Who Became Immortalized for the Revolution are Proof of This!

Our Working People from Turkish, Kurdish Nations and Various Nationalities,

The struggle for revolution and revolutions have clearly shown in the last 150 years that there is a mortal danger to the old world based on slavery and exploitation. The necessity of well-organized popular forces against the imperialist capitalist system and its lackeys has been historically linked to the necessity of the leadership of the Communist Party. The poor organization of the revolutionary forces is not only a source of life for the bourgeois feudal forces, but also one of the good news of their continued existence. Our main watchword then is to create a well-organized Communist Party. A warrior party, warrior militants and a warrior people. This is embodied in the Strategy of People’s War, which is essential to the cause of people’s liberation.

Comrade Lenin said in 1916, ‘The arming of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat is one of the most important, most fundamental, most essential facts of modern capitalist society. And while this is the case, revolutionary social-democrats are advised to ‘demand’ ‘disarmament’! This would be to completely deny the point of view of class struggle and abandon the entire idea of revolution. “Our slogan is: the proletariat must be armed so that it can defeat, expropriate and disarm the bourgeoisie,” he said. For those who call this approach ‘a theory disconnected from life’, Comrade Lenin was reminding us of the 1871 Paris Commune and the 1905 Russian revolutionary uprising. Exactly today, in conditions where imperialists and fascist dictatorships are becoming more armed, and more strongly organized with a fundamental attitude of aggression towards the working class, oppressed peoples and nations, cries of ‘the era of armed struggle is over’ are rising. This cry rises not only from bourgeois ideologues who undertake the task of blessing the imperialist system, but also from desperate liquidationist-reformist movements that label the legitimate and revolutionary war as ‘detached from life, disconnected from reality’. Comrade Lenin denounced the those who preceded today’s bourgeois ideologues and liquidationist-inter-establishment-class conciliatory movements by firmly adhering to the perspective of class war and the idea of revolution, saying ‘if the imperialists are preparing a terrible end to society, we have no reason to despair’.

Now, we follow in the footsteps of Comrade Lenin and, like those who preceded him, against bourgeois ideologists who attack our belief in the victory of the People’s War, which is the strongest expression of our revolutionary thought and the perspective of class war, against all liquidationist and conciliatory currents with the ruling classes, we remind the Paris Commune of 1871, the Russian Revolution uprising of 1905, as well as the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Revolution of 1949, Vietnam, Cuba and the revolutions that took place in one third of the world. It is not enough, we remind people of Peru, India, Philippines and Nepal People’s Wars. We update our historical awareness and remind ourselves of the Al-Aqsa Flood, which was carried out by the Palestinian National Resistance from Gaza against Israeli Zionism on October 7, 2023, in a great power imbalance. We are reminded of the revolutionary move of the Kurdish National Liberation guerrillas in Xakurke, Metina and Zap in the difficult conditions of winter.

On the 100th anniversary of his death, we believe in Comrade Lenin’s idea of revolution in despairing conditions, his scientific approach on what role the well-organized Communist Vanguard will play, and his stance with the hope that the working class and the people, when well organized, will destroy and change what is said to be indestructible and what seems unchangeable. Again, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebnecht, Mustafa Suphi and 15 of his comrades, Meral Yakar, Ali Haydar Yıldız, who were murdered in January, which is the reason for our Week of Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Party and Revolution. We keep alive in our consciousness and soul what was built by the immortalized Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who fell into the hands of the enemy in the same month, and was immortalized on 18 May 1973.

Revolutionary struggle is enriched by the experience of previous processes, movements, revolutions and revolutionary forces. Enriching experiences are the sum of defeats and victories. The immortals who embrace death without doubting and with selflessness for the revolution are the historical consciousness of the struggle and our reason for not giving up the cause in the face of defeats. Them; It is the challenge posed against discouragement, the courage gained against fear, the devotion to the cause against despair, the scientific attitude that comprehends change against the belief in immutability. They are the subjects, pioneers and conscious activists of the real movement destined to eliminate the old world based on slavery and exploitation. From Deniz Gezmiş to Mahir Çayan, from Mazlum Doğan to Osman Yaşar Yoldaşcan, from Mahsun Korkmaz to Sabahat Karataş to Sinan Kukul, from Hasan Ocak to Kevser Mızrak to Orhan Yılmazkaya, from Arin Mirkan to Ceren From Güneş, Bayram Namaz to Emre Bora, from Koray Aspir to Harika Kızılkaya, the subjects and conscious activists of the revolution continue to live in each of us with the courage to embrace death.

Those of us who sacrificed their blood and lives for the cause of revolution and communism have given us the red slogans on our flag to carry them forward by turning them into harmony, and constantly turning the color of the red flag more red. Our immortals have paved the way for us to be better organized, to shout more harmonic and powerful red slogans, to walk more united. We are walking that path, and we will undoubtedly walk it, under the most difficult conditions, where despair is rampant, discouragement surrounds the souls, those who say “nothing changes” are rampant, and armed struggle and revolution are tried to be turned into a utopia.

Those of us who became immortal by establishing the strongest bonds with the claims of revolution and communism were shaped by a need. For them, the revolution emerged as a need of both the present and the future. To change the world where oppression, cruelty and exploitation continue, to give up oneself for the liberation of the working class and the people, to be shaped with a consciousness that understands that the power of water piercing the rock comes from its continuity, and at the same time to be assertive in the face of the difficult tasks of the revolution.

Comrades, Our Toiling People,

Feeling the need for revolution is against the bosses imposing on workers to work only for a living.

Feeling the need for revolution is against the fact that the peasant, who tries to live by cultivating his fields, makes it his fate to fall into the network of the usurer-banker.

Feeling the need for revolution is against the rule of imperialist monopolies and comprador-bureaucratic bourgeoisie, which make profits while condemning the oppressed masses of people to minimum living conditions.

Feeling the need for revolution is against chauvinism, which turns national honor into hostility against oppressed nations and nationalities while offering it to imperialists.

Feeling the need for revolution is against the injustice that puts the rights of the Kurdish nation under Turkish national sovereignty with cruelty, massacre, oppression and police baton.

Feeling the need for revolution is against inflicting violence on working women under male domination at school, on the street, in the production field, in the family, and against dooming them to be the oppressed gender.

Feeling the need for revolution is against imperialist barbarism and all kinds of reaction making political oppression of the people a natural right.

Feeling the need for revolution means understanding the necessity of creating a good organization for the liberation of the people.


To feel the need for the revolution, to take shape with the utmost responsibility and excitement, from the simplest practice to the most complex, while hanging posters, distributing literature, creating opportunities for the revolution, reaching out to the public to explain our cause, examining revolutionary theory, intervening in political developments, taking to the streets and squares, shooting at the enemy … and to realize that the sum of all these will be difficult.

Feeling the need for revolution is Mehmet Zeki Şerit ‘s consciousness of recreating himself.

Feeling the need for revolution is Ahmet Muharrem Çiçek ‘s aiming his gun against the siege.

Feeling the need for revolution is İsmail Hanoğlu ‘s responsibility to carry out the task.

Feeling the need for the revolution is the fearlessness that Süleyman Cihan wore to organize the party in the best way.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Behzat Firik ‘s awareness of protecting his comrades while being tortured and burned.

Feeling the need for revolution is Kazım Çelik ‘s leadership line that insists on war.

Feeling the need for revolution is the slogan that Emre Bilgin wrote with his blood in his last breath.

To feel the need for revolution is to grasp Barbara Anna Kistler‘s storm centers of revolution.

Feeling the need for revolution is Halil and Mehmet Ali Çakıroğlu‘s belief in the People’s War.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Mehmet Demirdağ‘s leadership of the awareness of “develop guerrilla warfare for red political bases”.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Nergiz Gülmez and Muharrem Horoz‘s aiming at the enemy as a weapon of resistance that defeats death through hunger.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Aşkın Günel grasping the jugular vein of the revolution from the Black Sea to Dersim.

Feeling the need for the revolution is the leadership and command of 5 red warrior women and their call for “everyone to do their task.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Cengiz İçli‘s organization and commitment to the people.

Feeling the need for the revolution means closing Aliboğazı to the enemy for days by shedding the red blood of 12 TIKKO fighters in an all-out attack wave.

Feeling the need for the revolution means Gül and Hasret sacrificing themselves to protect their comrades against the enemy with their red barrels.

Feeling the need for the revolution is Rosa, Asmin, Şerzan and Muharrem embracing the party and the war with the energy of the youth against capitulationism.

Feeling the need for the revolution is the command of Özgür and Deniz during the most difficult period of the People’s War.

Feeling the need for the revolution means taking the political command of the People’s War with the will of Nubar.

Feeling the need for the revolution means taking on the responsibility that the revolution creates, no matter how big or small.

The need for the revolution is the attitude of our immortal comrades towards the problems of the revolution, the principles of the revolution, and the people’s ability to become an armed organized force against the armed organized force of the enemy.

The need for the revolution is the responsibility that our immortals live in each of us.

The need for the revolution is to change what is called unchangeable with the revolutionary struggle. The need for the revolution against discouragement and despair is insistence and determination on the perspective of class struggle and revolutionary thought, historical consciousness and taking responsibility.








January 2024

Central Committee Political Bureau of the TKP/ML

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