Reactions on the attack on the LLL demonstration in Berlin, Germany

The Initiative Freedom for the Prisoners of the LLL Demonstration calls for solidarity and a rally, demanding the immediate release of the imprisoned, the cessation of the charges and that the police thugs to be held accountable:

Freedom for the prisoners of the LLL demonstration!

At this year’s Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration several thousand people participated. The demonstration again led to the Cemetery of the Socialists, where the communists and Socialists murdered by German Freikorps were commemorated.

This year, the LLL demonstration was again massively attacked by the Berlin police. Videos on social media show the extent of the brutal police violence used against the demonstrators. The policemen kept running into the crowd, beating wildly around and using pepper spray. They deliberately made punches at the level of the head, attacked individual people by groups, beat and mercilessly kicked those lying on the ground. Bystanders on the sidewalk were pushed around for no reason. Several people were seriously injured, who then had to be treated in the hospital. The sad highlight of these excesses of violence was the brutal attack on a 65-year-old man, who as a result was temporarily in life threatening condition. The Berlin police deliberately ensured that injured people could not be treated medically by hindering the paramedics in their work and police officers refused to request ambulances. Press was also forcibly prevented from reporting and documenting the police violence.

A number of protesters were violently arrested. The police carried out identification measures partly under duress, although the persons were treated medically at the same time. Most of those arrested have since been released. However, 2 young people are currently in custody. They are accused of having resisted this police violence.

We demand their immediate release, the cessation of all legal proceeding of the persons concerned, and that the police thugs be held accountable!

Show your solidarity and come to the solidarity rally:


Wednesday, January 24, 2024


JVA Moabit, corner of Rathenower Str. / Alt-Moabit, Berlin


Initiative Freedom for the Prisoners of the LLL Demonstration,
January 19, 2024

Meanwhile the Mexican comrades of the Red Sun – Current of the People have published a statement regarding the matter:

From Mexico to Germany: we salute the combatants on the LLL march 2024

Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

To the working class and workers around the world

To the oppressed peoples and nations

Given the recent events that occurred in Germany last Sunday, January 14, which commemorated the 105th anniversary of the assassination of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, in addition to the centenary of the death of Great Lenin, different organizations and Collectives, including comrades from the Red League and Partizan, participated in the LLL march 2024.

The comrades of the Red League stressed the need to support the Palestinian people and their struggle, with the slogan “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!”. The Palestinian bloc shouted the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” which is prohibited by the German State. This was the pretext for the police thugs to repress the march. The comrades defended the Palestinian bloc and its just cause. For more than 45 minutes, the comrades repelled the aggression of the fascists. As a result of this confrontation, several comrades from the Red League and Partizan were injured, among them a 65-year-old man with serious injuries who did not receive immediate medical treatment. It was thanks to the insistence of the paramedics that the elderly man was able to be treated against the will of the police thugs. In the battle, 21 police thugs were injured.

The Red Sun People’s Current greets the German proletariat and we stand with all the comrades who fought in this street combat, with the wounded and the detained, we await information on the state of health and the legal situation of the prisoners, in the face of such events we speak out:

● We condemn with classist hatred the attack against the LLL march 2024.

● We stand in solidarity with our imprisoned and wounded comrades and the revolutionary fighters.

● We abhor the revisionists, opportunists and hypocrites, false internationalists and false anti-imperialists, who were watching while the police attacked the march.

● The attack is part of the wave of repression by German imperialism against the revolutionary movement and the people.

● German imperialism participates in the oppression and exploitation of oppressed peoples in the world, repression serves to impose its interests in this and other countries.

● The attack targets the movement of solidarity with the national resistance of the Palestinian people and against the revolutionaries and communists at the heart of the imperialist beast to prevent their fight.

● We condemn the Berlin government composed of the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany for directing permanent aggression against the liberation movement of the Palestinian people.

● The Social Democratic Party of Germany is the same one that in 1919 murdered the founders of the Communist Party of Germany, comrades Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.

We greet:

● The Red League, Partizan and the comrades from Norway and Malta who participated and fought in the LLL march 2024, as well as other organizations that also participated in the struggle.

The balance of the 21 injured police thugs in relation to the 16 detained comrades is the cost that the reaction and German imperialism must now pay for attacking the working class that has shown an exemplary fighting spirit in the streets.

Our class greetings to our combative comrades in Germany.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Long live the struggle of the international proletariat!

Long live the International Communist League!

For the construction of the international Anti-imperialist League!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

Red Sun – Current of the People

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