Support for the People of Palestine in several countries

More actions and mobilizations have been made in support of the Palestinian People and the National Resistance Front of Palestine since last time we reported on this.

In Brazil, Servir Ao Povo has reported on several new actions part of the international campaign of support and solidarity with the armed struggle of national resistance of the Palestinian people around the country.

Carinhanha / BA

Francisco Beltrão / PR

Goiânia / GO

Manaus / AM

Montes Claros / MG

Norte de Minas Gerais

Sudeste e sul do Pará

Porto Alegre / RS

Rio de Janeiro / RJ

São Leopoldo / RS

In Albacete, Spanish State, the statement by the ICL was distributed at a demonstration for Palestine on the 20th of January.

In Elche, Spanish State, a newspaper dedicated to Palestine was put up as a dazibao.

Dazibao on Palestine in Elche, Spanish State. Source: Servir al Pueblo

In Paris-Aubervilliers, France LJR participated in a march for Palestine.

In Lyon, France, graffiti was made in support of the Palestinian Resistance.

In Nairobi, Kenya, a demonstration in support of the Palestinian people was held outside of the German embassy on the 25th of January. The police used teargas and violently broke up the demonstration. At least three people are reported to have been arrested and one person is reported to have been injured by the police.

Demonstration in support of the Palestinian people outside of the German embassy in Kenya, 25th of January. Source: Al Jazeera

In Park City, USA, a protest in support of Palestine shut down the main street during the Sundance festival. Among other slogans demonstrators shouted “Genocide Joe, what do you say? How many kids did you kill today?” denouncing the role of the US President in the genocide.

At Columbia University in New York, more than a hundred students walked out of their classes on the 24th of January, demanding an end to a dual degree program between Columbia and Tel Aviv University.

Students at Columbia University protesting against dual degree program between Columbia and Tel Aviv University. Source: Columbia Spectator / Gabriella Gregor Splaver

In Helsinki, Finland there has been regular demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine with at least hundreds of participants each time. In the demonstrations, activists have also carried out the election boycott campaign against the upcoming presidential elections, denouncing that all the candidates support Israel.

Demonstration on the 13th of January. The banner says: Down with Zionism! Long live the resistance! Source: Punalippu

In Hamburg, Germany a rally with 150-200 participants, despite a storm and a train strike, took place on the 24th of January. In the demonstration the dark role of German imperialism in the genocide of the Palestinian people was denounced, and solidarity was also expressed to those subjected to police violence because of solidarity with Palestine in the LLL demonstration.

A rally for Palestine was held in Hamburg on the 24th of January. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In Bochum, Germany, dozens of people gathered to a rally organized by the Red League and the Socialist German Worker Youth in Bochum (SDAJ) on the 20th of January. In the rally, support for the national resistance of Palestine was expressed and the call for the solidarity rally in Berlin for the imprisoned of the LLL demonstration was also read and solidarity was expressed with those attacked. The police attempted to harass the demonstration, saying slogans such as ”Free Palestine!” would not be allowed, but this did not frighten the activists and their anti-imperialist position was clearly expressed.

At the University of Oslo, Norway, posters with the slogan ”Free Palestine!” have been put up.

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