Protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people continue

Protests against the genocide carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people is continuously protested all over the world. Here we report on some of the latest actions.

On the 18th of January, a protest against weapon deliveries to Israel took place in Vienna, Austria, in front of the office of the Blue Minds Group (BMG) which is involved in business with Israeli arms companies.

Around 150 people protested against weapon deliveries in Vienna, Austria. Source: Rote Fahne

Across Australia, protests against the so-called ”Australia day”, the national day of Australia, was held, and during them solidarity was shown also to the Palestinian cause.

Protesters linked the struggle of the indigenous peoples of Australia with the struggle of the Palestinian people. Source: Sky News Australia

In Manchester, UK, almost a thousand people gathered to denounce the genocide against the Palestinian people.

In Bellevue, Washington, USA students organized a protest which blocked the traffic on a main street. In the protest, the US flag was burned and the US funding to Israeli military was denounced.

The protesters used cars and bikes to block the road. Source: KOMO News

Also in New York City, protesters burned the US flag outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, shouting ”Genocide Joe, got to go!” and ”Free, free Palestine!” on the 26th of January. The police attacked the demonstration, and arrested some protesters. The demonstration reacted by denouncing the police and their role in supporting the genocide happening in Gaza.

In Abyan province of Yemen, in the city of Lawder, hundreds came to the streets to show solidarity with the national resistance of the Palestinian people.

Rally in Lawder, Yemen. Source: ABNA

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