Mexico: Actions for the freedom of the political prisoners of Mixtequilla and the boycott against the bourgeois electoral farce

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published in Sol Rojista:

On January 27th, personnel of the State Investigation Agency and the National Guard raided the homes of at least 9 members of that group to arrest them, transferring them to the Tanivet prison, accusing them of the alleged theft of a patrol car during a road blockade. The next day, a mixed operation composed of elements of the state police, national guard, Mexican army and armed navy besieged the community of Santa María Mixtequilla trying to inhibit the organized response of the residents who oppose the imposition of the Interoceanic Corridor.

For this reason, this Tuesday, January 30, various solidarity actions were carried out with the Civil-Mixtequilla Resistance.

In Matías Romero, the comrades of UCIZONI demonstrated in front of the control and family courts.

In Huajuapan, the comrades of MAIZ took over the facilities of the State Attorney General’s Office.

In Oaxaca, our organization Current of the People – Red Sun carried out a solidarity action where there were speakers, flyers and dazibaos in the city’s main square.

In all these actions the demand has been the freedom of political prisoners and the stopping of the criminal action against different activists of the popular movement who have been criminalized for opposing the imposition of the Interoceanic Corridor in communities such as Paso Real, Estación Sarabia, Boca del Monte, Estación Mogoñé, Mogoñé Viejo, Santa Cruz Tagolaba, Rincón Tagolaba and Puente Madera, all of them located on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Furthermore, our democratic organization has begun with this spreading of leaflets the campaign for the BOYCOTT against the bourgeois electoral farce, denouncing all the parties and candidates of the old State as legitimizers of this regime of hunger, misery, dispossession, oppression and war against the people.

In the city of Oaxaca, more than a thousand flyers were distributed in solidarity with the Civil- Mixtequilla Resistance and others with the Political Declaration of our General Assembly calling not to vote, organize and fight!

Freedom to the political prisoners of the Civil- Mixtequilla Resistance!

Boycott against the bourgeois electoral farce!

Don’t vote, organize and struggle!

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