Ireland: Annual Bloody Sunday March in Derry

Featured image: Thousands of people marching in Derry on the 28th of January, 2024, in commemoration of the Bloody Sunday massacre. Source: Derry Journal / George Sweeney

Last Sunday, the 52nd anniversary of the Bloody Sunday massacre was commemorated in Derry, Ireland. Several thousands of people from across the country are reported to have participated in this year’s march.

On Sunday the 30th of January, 1972, soldiers of British imperialism opened fire at unarmed Irish protesters. 26 protesters were shot, 14 of them were murdered, by the occupying soldiers. More protesters were injured by shrapnel or rubber bullets, or by being beaten with batons. Two people were run down by vehicles of the British Army.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland (AIA Ireland) participated in the march, which followed the route of the Original Bloody Sunday demonstration in 1972.

The march is also reported to have linked the struggle of the Irish people to the struggle of the people of Palestine and the current genocide that is being carried out against them by the State of Israel. Palestinian flags were seen all over the march.

At the front of the march 14 white crosses were carried by relatives of the victims of Bloody Sunday. Source: Derry Journal / George Sweeney

Palestinian flag with the slogan “Freedom for Palestine” in Irish, at 52nd Bloody Sunday march in Derry, Ireland. Source: Derry Journal / George Sweeney

Palestinian flags and a sign calling to jail the war criminal Netanyahu, at 52nd Bloody Sunday march in Derry, Ireland. Source: Derry Journal / George Sweeney

AIA Ireland has also shared a video of the British occupying forces in the streets of Derry on the 30th of January, exactly 52 years after the Bloody Sunday massacre.

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