Turkey: PŞTA commemorated the martyrs of the Party and the revolution

Featured image: PŞTA held a commemoration event within the scope of “Party and Revolution Martyrs Commemoration Week”

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Yeni Demokrasi:

Partisan Martyrs and Prisoners Families (PŞTA) held a commemoration event within the scope of “Party and Revolution Martyrs Commemoration Week”.

The event, attended by the families of the Proletariat Party martyrs and the relatives of the prisoners, started with a moment of silence on behalf of the martyrs of revolution and communism. Then the PSTA speaker took the floor.

PŞTA held a commemoration event within the scope of “Party and Revolution Martyrs Commemoration Week”

PŞTA speaker continued: “We salute you all with the enthusiasm, determination and determination of our red carnations rising to the level of immortality, our flowers of resistance blooming in the deep darkness in dungeons.” He started by saying.

In the speech where the importance of organization was touched upon, it was emphasized that life has no meaning other than resisting the system of oppression and exploitation and organizing for this purpose.

Referring to organizational problems, it was emphasized that the relatives of martyrs and prisoners should organize and protect the values and revolutionary struggle.

It was emphasized that many problems arose with the process that started with F-types prisons, and it was stated that the relatives of martyrs and prisoners had common troubles and interests, just like the workers. With the sentence “Neither the suffering has ended for the relatives of the martyrs nor the responsibilities imposed on them by the children of the martyrs”, it was explained that this was also valid for the relatives of the prisoners.


While it is emphasized that the prisoners can resist all kinds of oppression because they are organized, “Their success in being strong, showing solidarity, acting together, stopping and even regressing the oppression in difficult and continuous pressure conditions should be an example for us.” It was said.

While it is said that organization has been a burning need from past to present, “In the period we are going through, it is necessary to come forward to respond to this need. “We must see that both families and prisoners need studies in this direction.” It was said.

It was emphasized that everything seen around us is the reality that the martyrs and those who were captured saw and rebelled against. “With the same noble behavior, we embrace the flag they wave and make our promise. The speech was concluded by saying, “This flag will accompany every step we take towards a classless and organized future and will always wave high.”

Then, the speaker took the floor on behalf of Partizan and said, “We are together to share our voice, consciousness and enthusiasm with the immortals.” said.

It is mentioned that the martyrs chose a way of death where living means resisting and said, “They chose to rebel against the rulers who imposed misery, ignorance, submission and helplessness on the people of the society they were born into. “They devoted their lives to the future of the people.” It was said.

Then, in the statement, which touched upon the increasingly severe economic crisis, it was mentioned that not only a government but the entire system should be considered responsible as the cause of poverty. While it was explained that this was a period when local elections were on the agenda, it was emphasized that the real governing power of the municipalities was the state and that successful work could not be done for the people in this system.

“We are experiencing economic crises where others are getting rich. Again, we are forced to make choices that others will win. It is possible to stand against them all. This has been achieved in the past. It will also be achieved in the future. Moreover, we have to do this as humanity. “We will decide this by organizing.” The speech ended by touching on the importance of organization with these words.

The event ended after the group İsyan Ateşi took the stage.

PŞTA held a commemoration event within the scope of “Party and Revolution Martyrs Commemoration Week”

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