Update of actions for the Palestinian people

Featured image: Demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

We publish, again, an update on some actions in support of the Palestinian people which are being carried out all over the world.

In the Philippines, on the 125th anniversary of the Filipino-American War, national-democratic groups have gone to protest on February 4 in front of the United States embassy. On the anniversary of the war, the Philippine organizations have not hesitated to denounce that “the US war machine continues to threaten the world” and the groups denounce the support from the United States to the State of Israel and the increase of its military bases in Eastern Asia.

Protests in the Philippines. Source: Ang Bayan

In Jordan, groups of so-called human rights have published investigations on the abuses that the Jordan Government does to pro-Palestinian activists. Under the new cybersecurity law, the government has applied charges against four activists. Among the evidence of the accusations are, for example, messages on the social network X of one of the activists, where police brutality was shown in one of the demonstrations.

In France, the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire has made different graffiti by Palestine.

In Lyon, different graffiti on Palestina, George Abdallah and for the justified revolts of the people have shown up.

Graffiti in Lyon, France. Source: LJR in X

In Saint-étienne, a demonstration has been made for Palestine, where hundreds of people have participated.

Demonstration in Saint-étienne. Source: LJR in X

During the demonstration the release of Georges Abdallah was also demanded.

Rally in Saint-étienne. Source: LJR in X

In Rennes, a gathering for Palestine has also been made and for the release of Georges Abdallah.

Rally in Rennes. Source: Cause du Peuple

On Friday, February 2, Anti-Imperialist Action ireland activists and Saoirse Don Phalaistín carried out a joint action in the city of Dublin. The activists climbed the Church of St. Andrew, in the center of the city, and deployed a large Palestinian flag.

Great Palestine flag in the city center. Source: AIA in X

In Oslo, Norway, Kampkomiteen activists participated in a demonstration under the slogan “Support the struggle of the Palestinian Resistance! Free Palestine! ” In this march, children had a large participation, and shouted slogans against the massacre, mainly of children, which is being carried out against the Palestinian people.

Also in Norway, but in Kristiansand, on Saturday, February 3 there was an event to raise funds for healthcare services in Gaza and with different activities, such as music, Palestinian food or puppet shows.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, on Saturday, February 3, the march “All Denmark to the streets for Palestine” was organized and it marched from the city hall of Frederiksberg to the city hall of Copenhagen. During the demonstration, there were speeches, and some activists took the opportunity to denounce the repression in Germany in the demonstration of the LLL in Berlin for denouncing the genocide against the Palestinian people. In other speeches, the right of the Palestinian people to defend itself through violence was also emphasized, since “An occupying power can only be overthrown by force.”

Demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

Different activists also marched with banners with the slogans of “Long live the heroic Palestinian resistance!”, “It is right to rebel!” in Danish and Arabian and “Freedom for all political prisoners!”. Leaflets in solidarity with the Red League and Partizan were also distributed.

Demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

In Bristol, UK, yesterday, February 6, the protesters blocked a Bristol weapon factory to prevent the entry and access to the site. The protesters, in solidarity with Palestine, blocked access to Elbit Systems UK during the morning. They also protested for seven prosecuted in the same city, who were accused of entering, occupying and dismantling the factory in May 2022.

Rally in the Elbit Systems weapons factory, Bristol. Source: Bristol Post

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