We publish this unofficial translation of a call of the Union of Migrant Workers in Europe.

The Union of Migrant Workers in Europe (AGEB) is organizing a public celebration event in Zurich, Switzerland, on Saturday, March the 2nd.

Union of Migrant Workers in Europe ( AGEB ) Coordination made the call in their statement;

“Migrant workers and laborers of all nationalities, We INVITE Friends and Comrades to our 5th anniversary event.”

“AGEB which has taken the teachings of the communist leader Comrade Kaypakkaya as its guide in the European geography, is the historical defender of the 52-year tradition and accumulation of struggle, and has a deep-rooted tradition of organizing and struggle. To the AGEB event; We invite everyone who has contributed throughout our history of struggle, our comrades who continue to fight determinedly in our ranks today, and all revolutionary, democratic friends and institutions who shoulder the struggle together, to our 5th anniversary event aimed at strengthening revolutionary solidarity and the common struggle against imperialism!” it was said.

“LET’S ORGANIZE RESISTANCE against imperialism!” The event will be held with the slogan “The situation in Europe and our primary tasks!” A symposium on the subject will be held.

At the symposium representatives of AGEB, ADHK, AVEG-KON and BİR-KAR organizations are present as speakers.

In addition, writer and researcher Murat ÇAKIR, who is invited to the event, will make a presentation about the dynamics of the process and struggle in Europe, where racism and rights violations are increasing. At the event, a video showing sections from the history of the struggle will be shown and a cultural presentation will be made.

Date: SATURDAY, MARCH 02, 2024 – Time: 15.00

ADDRESS: Reformierte Kirche – Stauffacherstrasse 8, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

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